3 Bright Ideas for Tricking Yourself into Healthy Eating

3 Bright Ideas for Tricking Yourself into Healthy Eating

By all accounts there must be millions of different books on healthy in eating in print, or available on the web, not to begin mentioning the sheer array of different proprietary diet programs and bootcamps designed to get us all onto the path to immortal youth and boundless health and happiness.

Of course, some of these diets and programs will live up to the hype and provide a world of benefits, but many will fall short. Perhaps more importantly, many of the more extreme diet regimens will prove seriously difficult for the ordinary person to get on board with and stick to, and rather than switch to a stressful dietary regimen they’ll just buy themselves a moroso massas sofa, pour out a tall drink, and decide to go out in comfort.

The best way to get into healthy eating is by starting with a few straightforward, universally accepted healthy-eating principles.

Here are some things you can do today to begin reforming your diet without a world of stress of struggle.

Avoid anything processed

Vegans, paleo-diet enthusiasts, doctors, and just about everyone else agrees that eating a lot of processed foods is pretty the worst dietary decision you can make. Ample research has shown that additives such as high fructose corn syrup contribute massively to obesity, diabetes, and other devastating health conditions, while trans fats and hydrogenated oils are linked with heart disease, and research has identified processed meats as a potential cancer-causing carcinogen.

You can make an incredibly positive impact on your health and wellness simply by not buying or eating any processed food from now on, perhaps with rare exceptions now and then.

If in doubt, processed food is pretty much anything that’s been pre-prepared and packed for you to eat. This won’t include some obvious items like unsalted nuts, or tangerines, but it will include just about anything in a wrapper.

Eat whatever you want, but prepare it all from scratch

One cunning trick for getting yourself to eat healthy without necessarily restricting your potential food choice too much, is to take on a complete DIY challenge.

The way this challenge works is as follows; you can eat anything you want. Ice cream, pizza, spaghetti, birthday cake, whatever. But you have to make it all yourself, from scratch, with no starter partially-made ingredients (such as pre-made pizza bases).

You’ll find that the DIY approach naturally gets you eating healthier, not only because home cooked meals are almost always healthier by default, due to containing whole foods and fewer additives, but also because it’s just too much effort to make yourself a chocolate cake more than once in a long while.

Batch your meals in advance

One of the reasons why unhealthy eating habits prevail is that people find themselves hungry, with no healthy, prepared food within ready reach. From there, it’s a short step to picking up a chocolate bar or fast food wrap, or eating some ready meal you had in the depths of your fridge.

A simple solution to this is to cook and prepare your healthy meals and snacks in batches, and keep them in the fridge so that you always have food ready to eat when you’re hungry.

Healthy snacks can include nuts, seeds, or moderate helpings of dark chocolate.

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