3 DIY Projects Everybody Can Do In A Weekend

3 DIY Projects Everybody Can Do In A Weekend

When your home is in need of a little makeover, it can be expensive to get somebody in to do it all for you. But if you’re no good at DIY then you might not have a choice, you want the job doing properly after all. Before you get somebody in though, there are some DIY projects that most people can do easily, even if they’re not good at that kind of thing normally. Here are some simple home changes that everybody can do themselves in just one weekend.

Changing Curtains Or Blinds

If you want to alter the way that a room looks but you don’t want to bother with painting or even worse, wallpapering the whole room, changing the curtains or blinds can be a good way to do it. There are plenty of tutorials online that will tell you how to install blinds or curtains, it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to unscrew the rails and put a new one in. You can often consider the curtains in the same way that you would a feature wall, an opportunity to inject a bit of color into the room.

Feature Wall

Speaking of feature walls, they’re pretty easy to do yourself. Painting the entire room is a bit of a job that might take you a couple of days but if you’re just dealing with one wall, it’ll be a lot easier for you. If you’re a bit bored of a room and you think it could do with an update, but you can’t be bothered to paint all of the walls, a great feature wall can really bring it to life. Choose a color that is brighter and more striking than the rest of the walls, but still matches well with the rest of the room. Painting a single wall should only take you a couple of days including drying time but it can completely reinvent the room. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could get some stencils and try putting a design up on the wall. Wallpapering is usually a pretty big job and most people tend to avoid it if they can help it, but the main difficulty that you have when papering walls is getting around the corners. But if you’re just doing one feature wall, it’s actually pretty simple to paper it. If you want to get a design on your feature wall, wallpapering is the way to go.


Repaint Chairs

Are you a bit bored of your dining room set? You could always go out and buy a whole new one but there’s no need to do that. When you’ve got a spare weekend, why not just repaint them? All you need to do is get some sandpaper and strip the existing paint off, then give it a quick clean down before painting it again. They’ll look brand new and you won’t have to spend loads of money on a brand new dining room set. If you’ve got a wooden table, you could also consider sanding it off and restaining it to keep it fresh.


Making your home look great doesn’t have to be a huge time consuming ordeal, you can do these small projects in just one weekend.

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