3 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Sundays

3 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Sundays

Sunday has typically had a bad reputation because of what comes after: the dreaded Monday. We are all too familiar with sitting on a couch on Sunday, feeling paralysed because we’re worrying about what’s coming on Monday which makes us more frustrated that we are wasting the last moments of our weekend.

Most polls indicate that about 62% of adults globally suffer from severe Sunday blues. All the troubles that you put on pause on Friday come flooding your mind on Sunday. We can’t really prevent our minds from going down dark paths but there is a healthy discipline or routine that will help prevent Sunday blues from giving you mental anxieties. Yes, it helps to exercise, eat healthy, and have a ritual. But we’re here to give you more specific and tangible tips to help you get your Sunday back.

Do something productive on Saturday

Identify 2-3 things that you want to accomplish over the weekend: reading, answering emails, etc. Instead of focusing on the outcomes of the tasks, focus on time spent on each task. So instead of saying “I’m going to get through all the emails”, set out to work on emails for one or two hours.

Otherwise, you’re going to feel unaccomplished and this will add to the anxiety and shame you feel on Sunday. Make sure that you do these tasks on Saturday or Sunday morning so that you are putting it off to 8pm on Sunday. 

It is advised that you also include a ‘nourishing activity as part of your productive tasks such as meditating to start rebalancing what you consider to be productive.

Write 3 pages in your journal

If you are consciously or subconsciously unhappy about your work week, the emotions you were suppressing while you were busy will start to surface to your conscious mind. If this is the case, your Sunday blues and overall anxiety are not going to easily go away with a few new habits.

According to a survey, people who put pen to paper and write down dreams are 42% more likely to succeed at achieving their goals. Simply doing a word vomit in your journal will allow you to do a health check on your subconscious mind and help you uncover the underlying source of anxiety much more timely.

We recommend 3 pages – one page will be filled with superficial thoughts, second page will zoom in on one or two issues that bother you, and you’ll be able to truly assess the underlying driver of your unhappiness.

Eat out on Sunday night with a few friends

The easiest way to quiet our minds is by engaging in activities that require heavy lifting of our mental or physical faculties. So engaging with others in a social setting (without overextending yourself) will divert your attention to something else, giving your mind some alone time it needs to sort itself out.It helps to unwind with close friends out and about on Sunday when restaurants are not crowded or noisy.

Make this your ritual. Have your book club meeting on a Sunday.

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