3 Year Old Bully But Where Is Mum?

3 Year Old Bully But Where Is Mum?

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3 Year Old bully but where is Mum?

This is something that happened to me this week that left me in shock, so much so that I felt I should tell you about it….

I was having a coffee with my friend at a local shopping centre last week while my almost 3 year old son was playing with her 3 year old son. They were playing in the indoor playground with several other kids, most aged between 2 and 4 years. It is great that shopping centres have these facilities so that mums can have a bit of a chat and allow kids to get some energy out after they have been shopping and they are especially great on rainy days.

My son can be a little pushy sometime. We have been working on it and he really only gets upset if another child provokes him by not moving down the slide or sitting in a car for too long. Because of this, I know that I need to always keep an eye on him and remind him that he needs to share and have manners while in a playground. He is getting much better now, in part due to my diligence.

What happened the other day was something that really shocked me – not every parent cares about how their child acts around other kids! While my son was playing with his best friend, there was another little boy in the playground (who had been there for quite a while). He was monopolising the little car toy. My son and his friend finally got to sit in the car when IT HAPPENED… the other child got angry and started to ‘attack’ my friends son. I have never witnessed a 3 year old attach another 3 year old in the way he did. It was like he was trying to tear his face of. I was is total shock and yelled to my friend who quickly got up to break up the fight. She told the boy that that wasn’t acceptable behaviour (in a very calm way) and then she and I looked around for the boys mother. She was nowhere to be found. Then we saw her sitting with her friends in a nearby café. She didn’t even look up at the noise and commotion. My friend then told me that this 3 year old bully does this thing all the time and his mother never even raises an eyebrow.

In my opinion, it is up to adults to monitor their children while they are in a communal playground. I can understand that mums want a bit of a relax but if you have a child that can get angry, you need to make sure that they don’t hurt other children. I think it would have been a bright idea for this mum to watch her son more closely or not let him play with other kids.




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