5 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cosy

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cosy

When you’ve arrived home after a long day’s work, the first place that you’ll want to snuggle up and chill is in the living room. The more cosy and comfortable that we feel in a space, the easier it is to relax and unwind. Just in time for the festive season, let’s get your living room feeling cosy and inviting.

1 . Layer-up 

When you want to create a cosy feel for a room, it’s all about layering up, invest in more fabrics than you usually would to create a layered effect. Buy several throws and decorate your sofas. Get lots of soft cushions in similar colour schemes to match. Don’t forget to buy a nice soft rug to beautify the room and keep your feet warm. Fabrics like wool can be a great go-to as these are durable and soft to the touch. Wool is also resistant to plenty of stains and fairly easy to clean. Remember to measure your floor before buying a rug; something that’s too big or small will really throw off the design.


2 . Paint in warm colours 

Using warm colours to paint your walls can be a great idea to help a room to feel cosy. Try colours in tones of peach, orange or yellow. With bolder colours you may want to opt for painting one feature wall and keeping the rest white. For a lighter shade of peach, you should be fine to paint every wall in sight! To achieve the very best outcome, try professional painters for that flawless look. Hiring in the experts will save you a little time to get on with your Christmas shopping! 

3. Add personal memories

To make a space feel cosy, it can be a great idea to add personal memories as decorations. As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on all the great experiences we’ve had. Why not print out and frame some of your best 2019 memories? When it comes to decorations, your favourite pictures will make the room homely in no time! If you have a small room, it’s best to choose one bigger picture as opposed to lots of smaller ones. Sometimes, too many pictures in a smaller room can make the space feel cluttered. 

4. Cosy candles 

Of course, the ultimate cosy living room includes a fireplace (but we aren’t all lucky enough to have one of those)! The good news is, candles are a super-easy way to create a warm and cosy feel for your living room. Try going for candles made of soy or vegetable wax. These are non-toxic compared with the traditional type and so won’t pollute the air. Choosing festive scents can be a great go-to as the holidays come around; think gingerbread or nutmeg, for instance.


To add the finishing touch, get yourself some festive fairy lights to make the room sparkle. With a few warm and bright touches, you’ll have a cosy space to relax away the holidays.

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