5 Great Ways To Add Colour To Your Home
5 great ways to add colour to your home

5 Great Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Looking For Great Ways To Add Colour To Your Home? Here We Go…

If there’s one thing that most people forget to add to their homes, it’s colour. Think about it. If you go and view a show home or you view a property for sale, most colours are neutral, with accents of chrome and silver. Very modern, very sleek and – dare we say – boring?! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a basic canvas to work with, but if you don’t work with it, how can you bring colours into the picture?

Interior designers and companies like milliondollarmakeovers.net.au are there to advise you on all aspects of home renovations, but when you just want to inject a little life into your living space, these seven tips could change everything for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the sofa cushions, the flowers by the front door or the backsplash of the oven; colour can transform things from uniform to fun in a matter of moments.


Not just for cowboys, fringe can be added to the edges of cushions and chairs. This blue brush fringe can make a plain white sofa pop, and this is an excellent way to introduce splashes of colour and upgrade your furniture all at the same time.


When it comes to adding colour to the home, it doesn’t have to be inside. Your home will benefit from different colour schemes but if you prefer a uniform look on the inside, why not make a truly magnificent entrance? Update the colour of your front door by stripping back the plain black or white and adding a bold red or yellow instead. Frame it with baskets of hanging flowers in contrasting colours and you’ve kept your uniformity indoors by being creative outside.


Book shelves and TV units are often natural wood in their colour. Some are black and white, but you can easily upgrade these by cutting out patterned wallpaper and decorating the back of the unit. This instantly changes the look of the unit and makes for an exciting talking point.


Throughout your home, you will have ceiling lights that vary. Spotlights are common in bathrooms and kitchens and hanging lights are seen mainly in lounges and bedrooms. You could move away from the traditional lampshade in favour of coloured glass shades. Drawing the eye away from the room as a whole and up is a great way to open the colour in an otherwise plain area.


We talked earlier about fringe around the edges of cushions and sofas, so why not pair this with trim around the curtains and blinds in the same colour? You can colour match this way, and any time you get a little bored, you can just change up the colours!

Adding colours to your house doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. There’s nothing wrong with being creative and stamping a little personality on your home, so get cracking and choose your colours wisely to reflect you! Try these 5 Great Ways To Add Colour To Your Home!



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