5 Most Popular Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

5 Most Popular Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Parties are one of the most exciting things for kids as they get to enjoy the whole day of delicious treats and run around playing the games. On the other hand, if you are hosting a party it can be quite a responsibility apart from gathering the suitable supplies you also have to make your kid’s party is entertaining by adding games. Games not only keep everyone engaged but also prevent your party from getting boring. Maybe you have planned on going for a theme-based party and all games won’t fit according to your theme. However, there is a set of classic games that can fit with any theme and are equally enjoyed by a wide number of age groups. If you are looking for some fun games look no more we have listed down some of the most popular games you can add to your party and make it a success.

Musical chairs

This is a game almost everyone knows about and has enjoyed at some point in their lives. It can fit into almost every theme. The rules of this game are pretty simple a set of chairs is arranged with one less chair than the number of people playing. The drill is simple, music is played and the participants keep on circularly moving around the chairs until the music is randomly stopped. All of the players then try to grab a seat and one of the participants is left out. The same pattern is followed removing a chair every time the music stops until one chair and two people are left. The person sitting on the chair in the final round wins the game. This game is not restricted to only kids, people of all age groups enjoy this game. It is a game with elements of suspense and brings joy and laughter to everyone including the spectators.

Laser skirmish

It is one of the latest games. Children enjoy it because it involves both modern technology and thrill. This game is team-based and can be played both outdoors and indoors. It is more like a live video game where players have laser guns and they have to point it towards the opponents. If someone gets hit by the laser beam the sensors detect it and the person is out. The laser beam has low-grade infrared rays and is not harmful. One of the latest games is laser squirmish in Villawood by battlefield sports, that children like a lot to play in their birthday parties. As a host, you can arrange it at your home or book a battlefield arena for your party

Pin the tail

This game has to be one of the most common and oldest games. It is a game we got to enjoy at almost every carnival. It is very easy to DIY at home if you are hosting a party. All you need to do is to make a cutout of a donkey from cardboard with a detachable tail. The kid playing is blindfolded and has to attach the tail with a pin attached to it to the donkey. If you get it on the right spot you win and get a prize. It’s a game, children enjoy a lot because they cannot see where they are placing the tail and so the results are often funny.

Scavenger hunt

If you are hosting a big party and will have to entertain both adults and kids with minimum distractions. The best way to do so is to engage the children in a mystery game. The kids have to look for the clues one clue leads to another and reach the last place when the winner flag or treasure is placed. This game can be made more interesting to promising treats or even a couple of dollars to the winning team. A  scavenger hunt game can be customized from hard to easy depending on the age group of kids playing the game.

Pass the parcel

This game has been passed on for generations. It brings back sweet childhood memories as it is a very old indoor game played by most of us. If your party happens to be on a rainy day this a good pick for an indoor party. The rules of the game are simple the children are seated in a circle, a softball or a pillow is passed on as the music plays. As soon as the music stops the person holding the pillow is out of the game but the fun part is that they have to sing and dance for everyone or do a dare before exiting the game.


Parties for children can be a hassle if not properly managed and organised. The best way to engage them is by arranging fun games for them. Some of the oldest classical games are still popular among the kids like the musical chairs and passing the parcel. Both these games have music and are unpredictable. If you are more into competitive games laser skirmish and scavenger hunt are the right picks. They involve playing in teams and require both attention and intelligence to conquer.

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