5 Things You Should Do for Your Business Right Now

5 Things You Should Do for Your Business Right Now

Unless you are sitting down to your computer intending to do something, then the chances are you are about to waste time. And, of course, there is nothing with wrong with scroll endlessly through facebook and chucking at memes on imgur. But sometimes it is better to have a plan.

If you have been running a business for a while, it is all too easy to let the maintenance slide a little bit. Letting your links get messy, your plugins lapse into the old versions, and maybe ever your information or pricing is no longer up to date. So if you have found yourself drifting to your computer but unsure what to do here is a list for you:


Keeping your plugins updated is essential. Older versions make your website slightly more vulnerable to attacks and hacks. So firstly set up alerts for when your plugins become outdated or at the very least a note in your calendar to check every morning.

If you have content older than a year, go back through it and update your links and information.

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Use a mixture of SEMRush and your google dashboard to push your website into the SEO greenlight stratosphere. For on your website you can use tools like Yoast to help you get an indicator of how readable your content is, as well as tips on how to improve your search ranking for that page or article.

Social Scheduling

While you are scoping out what your mates had for lunch last week, think about what you want your business saying over the next month. Set up a scheduling platform like Buffer, Hootsuite or MissingLettr. Think about your upcoming services and campaigns and get them set-up and ready to go. If you think you’ve got no time, check this post for ideas ‘Help I’ve Got No Time To Be Social’.

Local & Regional

In most locations, there will be a range of forums, facebook groups and websites that you can contribute to. It might be a blog post with links and details about what you do, or perhaps a business registry. A great example is the northern beaches mums. Not only do you get the backlink for yourself, but you get to find some cool new businesses and network with people in the area – which usually brings new business and new business ideas.


Just above there was mention of Hootsuite and Buffer. These are great tools to get started, but there are many more that can help you with your business. From Pomodoro trackers – which can help you stay on track and allocates you breaks at intervals to tools that can wrap up your inbox into a neat pile for you. Unroll.me is one of the most common used to help get rid of all that spam that floods your inbox regularly.

Try always to approach your dedicated working time with purpose. If you have the intent to do something, then you are much more likely to get it done. It might be surprising how quickly you can get things done when you start taking care of the big and little stuff using tools and your time cleverly.

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