5 Tips To Help You Survive Your Last Year Of High School

5 Tips To Help You Survive Your Last Year Of High School

So, you’ve spent over a decade learning, and you’ve finally made it to your last year of high school – congratulations! The coming twelve months are going to be tough, and if you’re looking to pursue further education when this is all said and done, the competition is going to be fierce. That’s why we’ve prepared this survival guide to help make things a little easier.

1. Be Prepared

It’s a good idea to ensure you’re beyond prepared before you even step foot in your first class of the year. This will save you from stress and make it a lot easier to stick to your schedule when you’re neck-deep in assignments and study material. By now, you should have all your essential study tools sorted, but what you may not have considered when planning your year and wondering how you can boost your grades is the availability of external assistance. 

Since English is central to your success in every other class, it’s a good idea to track down one of the best VCE English tutors in Melbourne. A large portion of your ATAR is riding on your performance in this core subject, so even if you’re confident you’ve got it covered, a little extra help never hurts.

2. Focus On Learning In The Way That Suits You Best

This is probably the year where you’ll have the most freedom as to what and how you study, so don’t waste it. Some people are visual learners, some prefer to listen, and others need to learn by experience. If you want to get the best results both academically and stress-reduction-wise, it’s time to find out which study method works best for you.

3. Don’t Let Other Areas Suffer 

It’s easier said than done to continue with your usual workout and social routines while completing year 12. But if you can pull it off without finding the whole situation too stressful, you’ll be better for it. Studies have shown that exercise can help improve mood and allow you to feel more relaxed. And if you’ve got a good set of friends, hanging out with them should leave you feeling refreshed and energised. If you find it a bit hard to juggle everything at once, consider setting up study dates with friends who are taking the same classes; and try using a trip to the gym as a reward, so you don’t feel so guilty for taking time out.

4. Practice Self Care

Speaking of taking time out, if you fit nothing else into your schedule, make sure you manage to fit in at least a little “you time” every day. Even if it’s only reading a chapter of a book you enjoy or taking an extra ten minutes to soak in the bath, your physical, mental, and emotional health will be far better off. And as a bonus, you’ll sleep better too.

5. Remember That Your ATAR Is Just A Number 

So many people freak out about what their ATAR and study scores are going to be, but we promise you that in ten years, no-one is going to care what your score was. And if you didn’t score high enough to follow your initial plan, you’ll have found another way to reach your dreams. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try to get a good score, just don’t let it affect your health.

Your last year of high school is going to be both exciting and terrifying. By following these tips, you’ll be able to ease the burden, even if only a little, and survive it a bit more easily. Good luck!

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