5 Tips To Make Remote Working Work For You

5 Tips To Make Remote Working Work For You

The future of commerce is based around a remote working model. The employer/employee work structure is quickly falling away, with more professionals realizing how outdated it truly is. Entrepreneurs enjoy hiring freelancers because it works out cheaper and easier. Meanwhile, remote workers enjoy operating on a freelance basis because they can choose which jobs they want to accept and how they prefer to structure their workload. 

With all this in mind, here are five tips to make remote work easier and more enjoyable: 

1. Get A Professional “Office” Set-Up

A professional workspace helps you to stay focused and be productive. If you work in an industry that is customer-centric and you experience many incoming calls from leads and the public in general, you might want to consider serviced virtual offices

A virtual office is designed to give you all the benefits of having a professional office, establishing a greater deal of trust between your brand and your prospects. Add a professional hosted email service, social media accounts, and a fully functional website to the mix, and you’re set to impress. 

2. Get Tools And Software To Simplify Organization

A carefully crafted structure will help you keep track of your projects, clients, and correspondence. If you have the budget, look at a turnkey solution like a CRM from HubSpot. These tools enable you to schedule your social media posts, keep track of leads and conversions, automate many of your time-consuming sales tasks, and improve your customer service capabilities. 

If you have a small organization, you might find it more cost-effective to use free platforms for each of these tasks. You can create virtual teams and simplify collaboration with tools like Slack. For tracking your projects, Trello is the industry favorite. To host virtual meetings, use Skype or Zoom. 

3. Create A Routine To Add Rhythm To Your Workflow

Humans are creatures of habit. We settle into a daily rhythm and that is what helps our brains to understand when it’s time to concentrate and be productive, and when it’s time to relax. Working remotely can make it difficult to find the self-discipline to be productive every day. You can hack your productivity and concentration skills by creating a daily routine. 

Have your morning coffee at the same time and follow the same order of tasks before you sit down to do your work. Your brain will understand this sequence of cues as a sign to get into work mode. So, when you observe your routine, your brain will focus with greater ease. 

4. Implement A DND Policy For Productivity

Part of your daily routine should involve a DND (Do Not Disturb) policy. Family and friends tend to assume that being home all day means they can pop by whenever they choose. Make sure that when work time rolls around, your loved ones understand you are not available for visits, errands, or chats. They need to treat that time as though you were out at an office and consider you unavailable unless there’s an emergency. The earlier you implement your DND policy, the faster people will understand. 

5. Develop Self-Leadership Abilities 

Self-leadership is a skill very few people have developed fully. When you become your own boss, you quite literally need to be your own leader. This requires emotional intelligence, self-discipline, and the ability to self-evaluate honestly without feeling devalued when you address your shortcomings. Seek out leaders you admire and bring their qualities into your remote working environment. 

Follow the tips above and you’ll have the remote working lifestyle working for you in no time!

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