5 Ways To Show Someone You Care

5 Ways To Show Someone You Care

Show someone you care….We’re all guilty of taking the ones we love for granted at times. As much as we care about our loved ones, life can be busy and hectic, and we probably don’t stop and show that we care about people as much as we should. If you’ve noticed this recently, why not try one of these simple gestures?

1. Send Them Flowers

Psychologists have shown that looking at flowers makes us feel happier. It’s thought to link back to when our ancestors would have to farm for food- flowers were an indicator that the harvest had done well and the food crops were successful. These days it still triggers the same reward center and feelings of happiness and pleasure. Sending flowers on birthdays and special occasions is always nice, but why not send them ‘just because’? It would make a lovely surprise. Companies like A Touch of Class florist give you the option to send a card and chocolates too.

2. Cook Them Their Favourite Meal

You don’t have to dine out at a fancy restaurant (unless you want to!) cooking at home is a thoughtful way to show someone you care. You could find out their favorite dish and then get a recipe online to cook it perfectly. Pour some nice wine, lay the table, turn off the tv and make an occasion of it! If you’re feeling ambitious, you could serve starters, mains, and dessert. A sweet way to show someone you’ve thought about them.

3. Write Them a Letter

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to drop someone a text or send a Facebook message. But there’s something so special about a handwritten letter, it really is something the person can cherish and keep and shows far more thought and effort than a message typed up on your phone. Purchase some beautiful stationery and tell them what they mean to you. Why they are special to you, your favorite memories together, things, you want to do in the future. You could draft up your initial thoughts first and then write it up in your best writing onto some pretty letter paper. Something thoughtful like this might really make their day.

4. Make Them a Playlist

The great thing about music is the lyrics can explain our feelings far better than we’re able to ourselves! Songs are also strongly linked to memories, so are a great way to take someone on a trip down memory lane. Whether it’s for a partner, friend or family member, compile a list of tracks and send it to them. Gone are the days or mixtapes and even CDS, but there are tons of music sharing sites out there which make this easy,

5. Give Them Your Time

Time spent together is more precious than anything you can buy. We all lead such busy lives, but making space in your schedule to see loved ones is so important. You could go on a day out, or even just spend time at home watching your favorite movies and catching up. Even if it’s doing something together that you don’t particularly enjoy, they’re sure to appreciate the effort, and it’s still time well spent.


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