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Spring is here and Summer is on its way!  We want to feel healthy and look good so we are starting our 5kg weight loss challenge and we want YOU to join US.

Summer is all about going to the beach, wearing shorts and summer dresses, work Christmas parties and summer holidays.  Now is the time to lose the weight you want so you can be the person you want to be.  We at 17brightideas (Vicki and Sue) feel that Winter has not been kind to us 🙁  With the warmer days coming in hindsight we maybe should have reconsidered that Friday night bottle of Red and cheese platter……….


WHY do a weight loss program?

1. Losing weight as a group helps you get to your goal faster.

2. We can help to motivate each other

3. We can support each other

4. We can give each other tips and share our success

5. It’s more fun!!

In true 17brightideas style we have done our research and spoken to many people about what they are looking for in a weight loss program.

The key things we found everyone wanted in a weight loss program was:

– increased wellbeing                          – been around for a long time

– feel better about you                         – family friendly

– simple and easy                                  – easy to use tools

– flexible                                                  – healthy

From this we found the best weight loss program for us is Weight Watchers so we have signed up for their 5 kg Challenge (and  they have some great deals on at the moment!).

Note: Obviously we can’t guarantee you will lose weight – its up to you. What we do know is that trying it together will be much more fun!

JOIN US so that in just 8 weeks you can feel good and look great, while keeping it simple.  DO THE 5KG CHALLENGE WITH US!

Its so easy to join us.  Just follow these simple steps:

1. Sign us for Weight Watchers online here – Weight Watchers

2. Go to the 5 kg Challenge page for all the details

3. Send us a note on Facebook to let us know you are with us!  This is where we will be sharing all our tips and tricks and success stories.


We are looking forward to hearing about all your Success !

Sue & Vicki







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