6 Physiotherapy Exercises Everyone Can Benefit From

6 Physiotherapy Exercises Everyone Can Benefit From

When it comes to keeping ourselves fit and healthy throughout our lives, there is nothing which is more crucial for us to do than look after our body. During the course of our lives we will go through stages where we are super fit, lean and strong, and this will change as we have children, grow a little older or suffer from illness or injury. Today we are going to take a look at some of the different exercises you can be doing every week which will help keep your body strong even during the later years of life, and things which can benefit all of the parts of your body.

If we look at physiotherapy treatment and it’s uses in the world, we know that there are lots of different movements we can do to benefit different areas of the body. For the back there are moves such as downward dog and bridge, for our core we have the plank, and for our legs we may have mountain climbers. Today we are looking at a combination of these moves, and the moves which everyone should take the time to do this week. (Do remember to consult a health professional before you begin any new exercise program)

Sliding Pike

The sliding pike is an exercise which helps to lengthen the spine as well as stretch out the hamstrings for less joint pain in the legs. To do this exercise you need to start with your body in a V shape with hands planted on the floor, slowly move your toes forward towards your chest and keep your hands still. Slide back to the starting position and repeat 10 times.


The jackknife is a helpful pose for the core and also it can help to open up the hips and back. Start off by sitting upright on the floor with legs out in front of you. Lift your legs up straight, and at the same time make sure you keep your core upright, hold this position for a while.

Supine Heel Taps

This next exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their core as well as their oblique muscles. For heel taps you will want to start off lying on the floor with your feet on the ground and knees in line with your hips. From this position place both arms at your sides, and reach to one side to touch the heel of your foot, repeat on the other side and do this for 10-15 times. This is a great little exercise which can really help to loosen up your core.


The bridge is a simple pose which is great for stretching out your lower back as well as lengthening your core muscles. To start off with, lie down with feet planted and your knees above your hips, place your arms by your sides and lift your hips off the ground. Hold this position and try to push your hips up as high as you can. This is a simple exercise but one which is super effective and helpful for the whole body.

Mountain Climbers

If you always seem to have issues with your iOS and your legs, this next exercise is one which works these muscles as well as working your core, your back and your arms. For mountain climbers you will want to start off in a plank position with hands planted and feet planted on the floor, keeping your back straight. Now lift one of your legs forward to reach your elbow. Move it back to its starting position and do the same on the other side.


The plank pose is one which is super simple to get into, but it is actually also one of the most effective ways to engage the muscles of your whole body and strengthen them. For this pose you will want to plant either your hands or your forearms in the floor, and plant your feet on the floor too. The rest of your body should be in the air and your back should be kept straight. Try to hold this pose for around 1 minute, and if you are able to do this once a day you will soon notice a difference in the strength of your body from head to toe.

All of these 6 physiotherapy exercises can be hugely beneficial to the body and they are all moved which most people should be able to do. You can modify some of these exercises if they are a little too hard, but they should go a long way to helping you maintain a great body.

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