7 Amazing Things You Can Do to Your Driveway

7 Amazing Things You Can Do to Your Driveway

The appeal of your home depends a lot on how it is presented. From the curb of your driveway to the front lawn, people will assess your home accordingly. When you try to go for a sophisticated look, you might find your driveway a little boring. In the midst of gravels and cobblestones, there are not many decorations that can make a driveway attractive. So, what can you do to change up the asphalt and concrete entryway? Besides going for a stunning remodel, like the ones at Armstone Australia, you can also try more creative methods. Since your driveway is the main point of notice, it requires proper attention.

When you think about the kind of driveways you see in movies and TV shows, there is a certain image in mind. From grand entryways to iron gates and tall hedges, we imagine only the best in our heads. However, this is not the case in real life. There are many drawbacks to even having a driveway in the first place, which is why you can utilize this location for your benefit.

What is Wrong with Your Driveway?

Before you go into changing the look of your driveway, you have to know what’s wrong with it. People will note any mishaps with the location as it is the first part of your house that catches the eye. It is used multiple times a day and can easily be destroyed without you knowing. The following are some examples of driveway issues that you should avoid, especially if you care about the value of your home.

Poor Installation

Professionals can make mistakes when installing your driveways. If you have a weakly packed foundation or did you use the right materials, your driveway will suffer a lot of wear and tear.

Extra Loads

If you have a lot of heavy vehicles coming through, it will mess with the concrete. This will not only damage the surface of the path but also be costly to fix.

Tire Marks

If you have a lot of spiked or studded tires going around your tracks, you have a problem. These will make big holes in the entryway, and it will no longer be in pristine condition.

Faded Coloring

As more time passes, your driveway goes through a lot of wear and tear. Whether it is the rain, sun or snow, your driveway will take the brunt and change colour.

Changing Up Your Driveway

Driveways are not exactly the supermodels of real estate. They serve a particular function catered to your vehicles. So, there is not much you can do to make them look good. However, you can change things up a little. By using some fun ideas which are both practical and new, you can make your driveway less dull. From designs to DIYs and activities, your driveway can be transformed completely. And some of these can even be done with little to no effort or cost on your part!

1. Mix Materials

Your home’s driveway can be a showcase. You can use the parking benefit and turn it into an entertaining viewing piece for guests and bystanders. This can simply be done by using some fun materials and mixing them up. These decorative accents will give your entryway a fun look like no other.

  • *Concrete

You can use concrete to create a durable and versatile driveway. Not only is it already maintained, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Concrete options go hand in hand with simplicity and old home traditions. You can even use some elaborate colours to add a contemporary twist.

  • *Asphalt

This is another popular example of easy and pliable material for your driveway. Even during the worst weather conditions, you can use this added layer to keep your entryway intact. The dark colour will also give the perfect insulation and keep the path clear for your car. It does require maintenance, but the effort is well worth it.

2. A Game of Basketball

Who says driveways are just for cars? A classic sport to play in your driveway is definitely basketball. All you need is to install a hoop and let the kids play around when the car is inside the garage. It can be a fun family activity that everyone takes part in on weekends next to a barbeque. People of all ages can enjoy the hoop, and everyone can divide up into teams for their matches. A fun family activity for a fun entryway. 

3. Contemporary Stone

Modern homes with city views will benefit well from stacked stone walls. You can shape up the front of the house with fun iron fences, irregular squares, and other interesting products to make your driveway stand out more. This is especially a good idea for your home if you have modern architecture and want to present it accordingly.

4. Stamped Texture

You can very well use a stamped finish for a refresh. The issue is not that your driveway needs a complete remodel, but a simple touch up. You can utilize a spray treatment alongside some textured rollers to have the perfect impact. It will give the surface of the entryway a fantastic and sleek look.

5. Grass

The grass is an oldie, but it always works when it comes to driveways. The standard grass materials used are ‘geo-grid’, which gives the necessary support for your vehicles. You can use this protective layer over the area, and it will not be impermeable.

6. Sidewalk Chalk

Not only does this bring back great childhood memories, but it is also a great means for recapturing family fun. You can use a bucket of chalk alongside the driveway so your child can play and draw. This will give way to a creative outlook and will let them express themselves in a new and interesting way.

7. Grass-Jointed Geometry

Another fun idea to adopt is geometric design work. Even though all driveways are not the same, this will be able to work on anything you have at home. The concrete pavers will give you the kind of transition that is not too in your face. Furthermore, they will create cohesiveness with other surrounding elements and allow the front side of your home to have a softer look.


Nobody wants a boring old driveway. This is why you can use the given tips to spice things up a little. Whether it is going for a proper remodel or adding some quirky chalk buckets, there is a lot you can do for the entryway. Just remember to keep it central to the look of your home, and you are good to go

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