7 Essential Things You Need In Your Diet

7 Essential Things You Need In Your Diet

Taking care of our bodies is something that is essential, but in reality, how much attention do you pay to your diet? With many people living such busy lives, it can be too easy to eat fast food and convenience foods which are less than healthy. 

Fast, conveinent, and processed foods tend to be high in certain things such as fats and sugars, but they don’t offer much in terms of nutrients. 

So what should you eat?

There are seven things needed from your diet. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to include in a balanced diet and where you can find these things. 


Carbohydrates are essential as they give you energy. Roughly 45-55% of your daily calorie intake should come from carbs. 

Carbs work by breaking themselves down into glucose over a prolonged period of time. This enters the bloodstream and gives us energy. They provide what is known as ‘slow-release energy’- this will keep you going throughout the day. This is in contrast to sugar, which gives you immediate energy. If you eat too many carbs, these will be turned into sugar and stored as fats for future use. 

You can get carbs in your diet from eating oats, grains, corn, maize, potatoes, and fruit. 


Protient helps you to grow and repair tissue. Protein should account for between 10- 35% of your daily calorie intake, 

You can get protein in your diet by eating meat, fresh seafood, soya, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and pulses. 


Fat is important because it prompts cell growth and gives you energy. Around 20-35% of your daily calorific intake should come from fats. It is essential to regulate where you are getting your fats from and don’t consume too many in your diet.

Fats can be fouind in dairy, nuts, seeds, and plant oils. 


Fibre is an important part of your diet because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels while maintaining bowel function and bowel health. You can get fiber through carbohydrates such as vegetables, brown rise, beans, nuts, seeds, and peas. 


It is essential to stay hydrated. You should drink around eight glasses of water every day. Ideally, drink purified water as this will be better for you. 

While there may be water in other beverages it is important to be aware that caffeinated drinks will actually be more likely to dehydrate you. You should avoid drinking too much tea, coffee, and too many caffeinated sodas. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamins and minerals provide a wide range of benefits to your body. For example, if you eat foods with vitamin A, this will help your eyes. Vitamin A can be found in eggs, green veg, dairy, and yellow fruit. 

It is essential that you get a good mix of all of the vitamins and minerals in your diet. If you can’t get them by eating the right mix of fruit and veg, you may want to think about taking a vitamin supplement.

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