7 Ideas To Answer The Question: What Should I Do With My Spare Room?
What Should I Do With My Spare Room

7 Ideas To Answer The Question: What Should I Do With My Spare Room?

When it comes to your home, you’ll always want it to look and feel great. You’ll want to know that you’ve worked really hard to create a space that is perfect for your needs. And it’s great to get that ‘at home’ feeling too. But a huge part of making all of that happen is knowing that you can make the most of the room that you have. Sure, it’s highly likely that your living space and your bedroom are both all complete – as you use these areas a lot. Even your kitchen and your bathroom may be 100% all done and together. However, if there’s one space around the home that probably isn’t quite together, it’s likely to be a spare room!

We all have them. That one space in the house that tends to just collect clutter more than anything else. Maybe it’s a room that you put all of your odds and ends into? Or a space that you’ve never really known what to do with, so you just use it as storage? If you do, don’t feel bad about it – so many of us do the same. After all, when you’ve managed to decorate the spaces that you need to use the most, you may find that getting around to doing anything else is just exhausting. So you just don’t. Now’s the time and here are a few bright ideas to inspire you.

Clear It All Out – To start with, you’re going to want to clear it all out. Because if there is junk and clutter and storage in there, it needs to find a new home. And this can be quite refreshing. If you’re able to remove all of the old stuff that’s in there, and you’ve not touched any of it in a while, it may be best to give it to charity, sell it, or throw it out. For things that you do want to keep, you should look to find them a new home.

Look For Inspiration – Next, you’re going to want to work out what you want to do with that spare room! Now, tepilo.com has some ideas for you. But, you could do a movie theatre room, a writing room, or just an extra guest bedroom, among other ideas. Get online and see what other women are doing with their spare rooms.

Find Your Design Theme – Then, when it comes to the actual design of the space, you’re going to want to think about the right theme to go with. This could be the same kind of style that you have around the home, or it could be something new and bright and fun and fresh!

Get To Work On The Shell – When you’re ready to start making the transformation, you’ll always want to start with the shell. Here, this means that you’ll want to strip any old wallpaper and then lay new pieces or paint (you may even need to do some sanding). And then, you can choose your flooring from somewhere like onlineflooringstore.com.au, and that will be the shell almost done. You should find that you have the basics to build on now.

Find The Right Furniture – Now, you’re going to want to pick out your furniture. And, what you decide to go for will depend entirely on what kind of room you’re putting together. Maybe you need a sofa and a projector? Maybe you need a writing desk and bookshelves? Maybe you need a bed, drawers, and wardrobe space? Take a look at different options that are perfect for your spare room.

Dress Up The Space – And then it will be time to add in some of the more decorative bits and pieces. This will be cushions for your sofa and make a snack bar. Or putting books on the shelves and a computer at the desk. Or clothing in a wardrobe or bedding on a bed. See this step as pulling the room together and adding in the ‘essentials’ that make up the kind of space you’re creating.

Add Those Essential Finishing Touches – Then, the very last thing that you will want to do, is add the finishing touches. Sure, you’ve worked in furniture and some decorative bits and pieces – but maybe the room doesn’t look right? This where styling comes in. And these tips from housebeautiful.com are exactly what you need. Make sure that you’re arranging everything perfectly and adding in the missing pieces to make your movie room, wardrobe, library, writing room, guest room, or whatever else, really come alive.


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