Green is the New Black

Green is the New Black

Did you know that being green has actually become fashionable? It’s true, and if you look at contemporary home designs, you will always see that green living is built into the equation. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about making sure that your home looks modern and fashionable. Let me explain why in a fashion sense green really is the new black.

Latest Tech

The first thing you need to think about is the tech around your home. If you have old tech, it’s going to look outdated and old fashioned. It’s also going to cost you an absolute fortune. A TV from five years ago could cost twice as much in energy when compared to a TV that was released on the market last year. That’s because tech developers are always looking for ways to make their new devices more energy friendly. You might think that you’re wasting a lot of money if you update your gadgets annually. But actually, you could be saving a lot more than you lose.

We’re not just talking about entertainment tech here either. You can also think about upgrading tech in your kitchen too. A heat induction hob is the epitome of the modern kitchen and it will save you a fortune. The cool, stylish light up design only heats the surface of the pan that you are using.

Create Your Own Energy

Renewable energy has become very popular lately with solar panels almost becoming a home fashion accessory. There is no doubt that homes with solar panels installed on their roof do look a great deal more stylish and modern. This isn’t the only way you can make your own energy either. If you have a home swimming pool, you can keep it heated with a solar pool heater. This will cost you barely anything in energy and ensure that your pool stays warm, even when icy winds are blowing outside.

Buying Recycled Furniture

Recycled furniture has become more popular lately too. It’s reached the point where interior designers are more likely to use desks made of industrial materials for their clients rather than ones from ikea. This rustic look has been embraced by the design community, and you can find many examples online. Have a look at some examples to see if this is a style that could fit your home. We bet it would look incredible.

Light It Up

Last but not least, let’s think about the lighting in your home. There are lots of options here that will look absolutely stunning, but the popular choice right now is LED lights. LED lights emit a strong, powerful, white bright light that again adds to a contemporary design. At the same time, though, they use a fraction of the power compared to the typical less powerful halogen bulbs. While LED lights can be more expensive as a first purchase once you have them they will give you thousands of hours of light.

We hope you see now how staying green at home really can be quite fashionable.


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