17 Bright Ideas for an Awesome Workplace

17 Bright Ideas for an Awesome Workplace

Having a well laid out office is great, but if you’re an ambitious boss, you want it to be the best place your employees have ever worked.  You want to create an awesome workplace!  You want them to run through the doors in the morning with a sense of joy and abandon, ready to jump to their desks and attack the daily goals with a sense of integrity and valor. Okay, maybe that’s a little too much, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be your goal. Reach for the stars, land among the clouds.

Here we have a list of 17 bright ideas that could potentially revolutionize the way your employees see their workplace. Investment in them is investment in the firm after all.

Provide Breakfast

Providing breakfast helps your employees feel you care for them and their input in the business. Keeping them well fed in the morning will improve their energy, motivation, cognitive function and also make them more punctual because taking breakfast from their list of morning responsibilities gives them more time to prepare. There’s no need to break the bank to provide this either, as providing oats can literally cost you a few dollars a day depending on your staff size, and they’re a complex carb that will help the mental clarity of your employees.

Provide Tea & Coffee

Tea and Coffee both have caffeine, which is a stimulant. In reasonable amounts, this can really boost productivity for a tiny amount of daily investment.

Offer Sizeable Kitchen Facilities

You want to provide a large area for kitchen facilities and stock it with equipment that allows your staff to heat their own food. Having a separate place for them to eat if they need to will help avoid smells wafting over the other employees in the office.

Craft A Mural

Crafting a cool mural with the company logo on a professional looking graphic with cooltone can really make your office stand out, and remind your employees what brand they’re associated with. This helps them identify with their workplace.

Accept Input

If employees repeat criticisms about the way the office is, like the air conditioner being too cold, be sure to take it to heart and try your best to make adjustments. A happy worker is a productive worker.

Allow Anonymous Suggestions

In the same spirit of accepting input, allowing your employees to have a way to communicate with you office problems or dissatisfactions anonymously might yield a more honest assessment about the way things are progressing.

Remove Clutter

Make sure your employees are able to maneuver and keep a clear state of mind.

Room Color

Happy colors, like light reds or blues stimulate imagination and energy.

Room Temperature

Make sure the temperature is appropriate for the season. Employees that don’t sweat or freeze work better.

Allocate Spaces

Give your employees divisions to work in, grouping similar departments together.

Air Quality

Give your employees plenty of ventilation, and air filters if required.


Proven to reduce stress and increase office aesthetic.

Digital Space

Allow your employee’s space to bring their own laptops or tablets, and access your office VPN through that.


Posture improving chairs, healthy breakfast options and reasonable delegation of workload all come into play here.


Don’t separate your employees with dividers. Allowing them to communicate stimulates engagement.

Floor Change

If your flooring is old or tattered, replace it with fresh carpet, in a relaxing color. It will shift the atmosphere of your office more than you’d realize.

Standing Desks
Are more popular in offices these days, due to their proven health benefits. Allow your employees to stand if they choose.

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