8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

Ah, weddings? A dream day for almost every couple planning to tie the knot. Well, it is a dream day for a woman, at least. No matter what part of the world you belong to, you will always want a perfect wedding.

And what is a perfect wedding without an ideal venue? Choosing the right site for your wedding is one of the most crucial decisions since every other decision of the event is based on it. There are various things to keep an eye out for to make your day a special one.

I know you must be thinking that it is the person you are marrying that matters more and the feeling of saying “I do” and changing the entire perspective of your life with your partner. But to be honest, getting married is not easy, talking about the ceremony here. It is not a piece of cake to find out and satisfy the needs of the couple, because two people usually cannot agree on the same thing.

Now to avoid all that hassle and plan the biggest day of your life perfectly, we have listed down eight o the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a venue.


First things first, you have to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. Are you planning to exchange vows in a church or a hotel? Or would you consider a non-conventional site, say a garden wedding venues Sydney, or maybe close to the shore at the beach?

When picking the right spot, keep in mind that you will be inviting guests who would be coming over from various locations. Make sure that whatever location you choose should be easily accessible for almost everyone you are inviting. It is always feasible to locate a wedding reception that is central and has a bus stop nearby because not everyone would be able to ride in their cars. 


Another essential factor to consider when looking for a venue is its availability. It is not always necessary that a venue you like would be available on your day. Getting a location during a holiday on your chosen date is near to impossible since a lot of weddings take place during that period.

You need to keep your options open for the venue as well as the wedding date to avoid inconvenience. However, it is always advisable to book a place at least a year before. Once you find what you are looking for and you are happy with the date, book it immediately to make sure that the venue is yours.


It all comes down to money. There will be plenty of venues for you to choose from, but the chief consideration for you before you plan out anything is your budget. The bitter truth is, not every site fits the size of your wallet.

It is better to look for the budget-friendly ones. If you book it at least a year before, there are high chances that you will get a better deal.


What people usually are excited about every wedding is the food, yeah, they are always there for the food. Often venues offer catering services; thus, it is advisable to go through the menu as well. How many food courses do you need for your day? An ideal number of course for lunch is a seven-course meal whereas for dinner it should be at least eight.

You should consider some of the dietary requests for vegans or halal food. You do not want your guests to leave without eating. 


You should also choose a venue with a functional parking space. If they do not have one, make sure that it is near a big safe street and legal to park or a parking lot. In case you do not get that big of a space, look for options to transport your guest to the venue like a van or a shuttle bus. You would not want your guest to walk ten blocks to your reception because he could not find a parking space.


Want to have a themed wedding? Fascinated with all the matching florals and runners? For an indoor wedding, if you plan on having a theme for a wedding, do keep a lookout for the existing non-removable decorations at the venue. It is not always necessary that all the decorations have to match precisely, but the curtains, carpet, and chairs need to fit in the mood. To avoid this, choose a theme after you book a venue, it would make it easier and budget-friendly.


You must be wondering why is this on the list? If you plan a wedding a little further, e.g. out of the city, or if you have guests coming from other places in the country, even overseas, you have to keep this aspect in mind. You have to plan because a lot of them would want to stay the night. Thus, choose a location that is near a hotel.

Having a destination wedding is a dream come true, but if your guests are unable to drive back or find public transport, there has to be an alternate nearby.


This is very pivotal, especially if you are having a wedding in the outdoors. No matter where your reception is located, always check if they have a wet weather venue option. You do not want the rain to pour over you while you exchange the rings. The site should always have a backup plan for extreme weather situations, or else the wedding would end up in a disaster.


Choosing the ideal venue is essential if you want to have a perfect and successful drama-free wedding. Keep looking for options and shortlist the best possible ones with these aspects in mind. Then opt for the one that fits in both of your needs perfectly. In the end, all that is left would be the memories, so make it count.

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