8 Things to Know About RAYBAN Sunglasses

8 Things to Know About RAYBAN Sunglasses

The popularity of Ray-Ban has been known for ages, this eyewear is adorned by millions around the world. The series of Ray-Ban sunglasses 1001 optical itself is a beauty and iconic eyewear. There are some facts about Ray-Ban that most of us are unaware of. Here are 8 things about this famous eyewear brand:

1. Began As a Utilitarian Gear

Bausch & Lomb created Ray-Ban for the U.S Aviators, the sole reason behind the creation of this first batch was to save the aviators from the harmful sun rays. Vision problems were reported as the pilots flew higher, this was a major issue. This served as an accessory to save the eyes. It is said that the Army Officer who contacted the Bausch & Lomb regarding the eyewear was Lieutenant General Macready. It began in the year 1973, this American brand has developed into a very famous and successful brand. Aviator and Wayfarer are the two classic fashion designs that Ray-Ban has produced. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing these designs. The makers of the first Aviators were German immigrants, Jacob opened his optical goods business and was financed by Henry Lomb. Later B&L decided to sell their company to Luxottica, this company is the maker of all the famous eyewear brands.

2. Man behind Popularized Ray-Ban

The fame of Ray-Ban raised during World War II when an Army General named Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach of the Philippines. Stylists say this acted as a global exposure phase for Ray-Ban. In this case, the credit to popularize Ray-Ban does not go to any celebrity, the photojournalists present at the scene had captured the iconic picture which became the reason for the publicity and fame of this eyewear. Later the French Army was seen wearing them and in fact they enjoyed wearing this eyepiece. When General John McCready was dazzled by the sun during a balloon flight, he proposed the idea that there should be some eye protection wear.

The main objective was to restrict the glare of the sun and minimize the restriction of the pilots. Experiments and prototypes followed the making of Ray-Ban. The military-style now included Ray-Ban as their main accessory and it was necessary to complete the look.

3. Original Shade of Ray-Ban Prototype Lens

Green tinted lenses made out of plastic were first used in the original prototype sunglasses. This tinted shade was meant to help the aviators, for the plastic of the frame was used. Later they changed the frames from plastic frames to lightweight metal frames. The transition lenses were introduced by Ray-Ban which were known as Ray-Ban Ambermatic and the tints changed according to the surrounding light conditions. The green tint absorbs light and blocks the blue light from reaching your eyes. They are specially designed for natural vision.

4. Commercial Publicity

Ray-Ban and celebrities have a very close and old connection.  In the late 30s and 40s, an American actor named Humphrey Bogart used to wear Ray-Bans and that’s how the friendship of this eyewear brand and celebrities started. When Ray-Ban introduced new models in the 60s and 70s the models became obsessed with the design. Rectangular Olympian, Balorama and updated Aviator were the talks of the house.

5. World Wide Popularity

From the bestselling design to the most liked eyewear, Ray-Ban has traveled a long distance. In 1998 alone 10 million pieces of Ray-Ban glasses were sold. The wayfarer their successful design which was designed in 1953.  The brand ambassadors for Ray-Ban include Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and other famous actors. The fame of the brand is not because they are worn by famous people, the brand has maintained its standard very well and this is the reason for its popularity.

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6. Movies, TV Shows and Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban appeared on over 60 TV shows and movies between the years 1982-1987. Famous actors who loved flaunting their eyewear include Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison. It was considered as a fashion symbol and celebrities availed the chance to wear it wherever they could. In Tom Cruise movies Ray-Ban has been used many times and this became the reason for doubling the sale of the eyewear in the following years. It was famously called the Tom Cruise effect. “Risky Business” and “Rain Man” has celebrated scenes featuring Ray-Ban, these movies played their role in increasing the sale of Ray-Ban.

7. Cigarette Holder

Ray-Ban designed sunglasses named the Kalichrome Shooter Aviator’s, the sunglasses had a cigarette hole in it. It was the most bizarre design that anyone had ever seen. The aim of this design was to give the shooter an opportunity to free his arms by placing the cigarette in the hole. This design became the signature feature of the shooters of that time.

8. The Downfall of Ray-Ban

Disco-styled glasses which rose to fame in the seventies and eighties became a threat to the popularity of Ray-Ban. This downfall was very short-lived and they gained back their popularity.


Ray-Ban is a classic, stylish and unique eyewear that has made its mark on the people’s hearts. From celebrities to politicians and the common man, Ray-Ban has made a strong bond with everyone. This high fashion sunglasses brand has earned its reputation for many reasons and one of the main reasons is an excellent design. The eyewear which started with the purpose to benefit those who work outdoors in the sunlight has now made a special bond with its customers.

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