9 Ideas To Keep Your Clothes In Great Condition

9 Ideas To Keep Your Clothes In Great Condition

Making your clothes last longer in keeping them in good condition can help you to save money on buying clothes, and to shop more sustainably. Care for your clothes properly to keep them looking good for longer.  

1. Wash your clothes less frequently. While it’s of course important to keep your clothes clean, putting them through repeated soakings in the washing machine, with all that detergent and spinning can begin to wear them out. Wash your clothes slightly less often, and wait to wash your clothes until they actually need it, instead of automatically putting all of them straight into the hamper when you take them off at the end of the day. 

2. Always read the care labels. Pay close attention to how your clothes should be washed, if at all, and follow the instructions on the care label. If you’re not what different care symbols mean, check this guide. 

3. Hand wash any delicate pieces of clothing. Less sturdy fabrics and delicate items like underwear should be hand washed to protect them from the washing machine. Bras should always be hand washed to stop underwire from becoming misshapen. If you don’t have enough time to wash things by hand, buy a garment bag to put your underwear in when you put it through the washing machine. Delicate clothes should be washed on a cool, delicate wash to prevent damage. 

4. Store clothes in the right. Buy a good sized wardrobe so your clothes aren’t squashed up on the rail getting creases in them. Hang everything you can to avoid more creases from folding. If you have your clothes dry-cleaned, remove them from the dry-cleaning bags as soon as you get home. The plastic of the bags holds in the moisture and cleaning chemicals, which can cause your clothes to become yellow and stained. Precious pieces can be stored in garment bags that breath to keep them safe.  

5. Invest in decent quality hangers. Plastic or wire hangers will stretch the shoulders of amy clothes you hang on them. Instead, avoid the stretching by using padded or wooden hangers to hang everything on. 

6. If you have wool and cashmere clothing, you’ll know how easily these fabrics can pill over time, even if they’re good quality pieces. To get rid of pilling, gently run a clothes shaver over the item to remove the bobbles, making the garment look like new again. 

7. Wash your dark items of clothing inside out. Dark fabrics can leak colour in the washing machine, making them fade more quickly. Turn your clothes inside out when you wash them helps to minimise this fading. 

8. Put off moths from getting into your clothes by putting cedar balls or lavender sachets into the wardrobe and chest of drawers among your clothes, to stop them from ending up full of holes. 

9. Keep leather clothes looking their best by looking after it properly. If you need to spot clean, gently hand wash marks or scuffs with water and a mild soap. Be sure to hang leather clothing to dry instead of drying them in the tumble dryer. Keep the fabric soft with a leather conditioner. The best way to care for leather is to take your leather garments to your dry cleaner instead, who will have the proper tools to look after it. 

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