A Quick Guide On How To Step Into The New Season
Step Into A New Season

A Quick Guide On How To Step Into The New Season

Step into the New Season in Style.


From time to time, we all need a little style refresh, and there’s never a better time than with the changing of the seasons. As the days warm up and we go out more, with parties and get togethers and we get a bit low and tired, it’s time for a clean slate and some new inspiration. You may feel daunted or even excited but unsure where to start with switching up your clothes, makeup and hair for the new season, but actually getting a whole new look is easy with a few small tricks.


Begin a New Skincare Routine

The needs your skin has will change over the years, so the regime that worked so well over the cold, rainy winter months may not cut it now it is getting hot and steamy in the summer months. It’s time to switch up the types of products you’re using to cater to the requirements your skin will have in the new season. First of all, invest in a decent gentle daily exfoliater. These gentle remove dirt and dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, sparkling glow underneath and help your other products to penetrate properly and work their magic. Use your product twice a week for maximum effectiveness. You can either up for a scrub using natural particles, like St Ives Apricot Face Scrub or go for something that uses a chemical such as glycolic acid, like the cult favourite Pixi Glow Tonic. Next, focus on rich moisture by swapping your night cream for an oil. Deeply nourishing and hydrating, oils sink deep into the skin helping to plump it up, add lustre and get rid of fine lines. A product like Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil also contains retinol, a wonder anti-ageing ingredient, meaning you can wake up looking well rested and radiant.


Treat Your Locks

There are very few moments in life that feel as satisfying as a great hair cut and colour and emerging from the hairdresser feeling totally transformed. It’s the perfect pick up when things are feeling a bit flat. Many people think of highlights as a way to get more glam into your hairstyle, but a bit of subtle balayage can look incredible against all the jewels tones and sparkle of the new season clothing. Another idea you could consider is a more dramatic statement with a rose gold colour or even a platinum shade. These kinds of colours are easier to maintain nowadays thanks to lots of innovate shampoos designed for bleached hair that have been hitting our shelves and will look great at up coming work and family parties. A sweeping ‘lob’ with a relaxed, wavy texture is perfect for the new season and long days at the beach. You could also consider investing in a silk pillowcase. These stop hair breakage and tangling while you sleep and prevent frizz for smooth locks – and as a bonus they are also supposed to stop wrinkles forming!


Transition Your Wardrobe

You don’t need to completely change everything in your wardrobe to make it seasonally appropriate. You can still keep some of those great items you loved in winter like that perfect denim skirt and Chelsea boots, just teamed them up with a cute sparkly singlet top and you have a great outfit for a BBQ or shopping trip.  Scarves add a dash of interest to even a basic outfit and if you’re feeling creative you can even experiment with a floppy brimmed hat or a stylish beret to help protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you take a look at your jewellery collection too. The change of season is also a great time to find a bit more bling and take a day outfit through to night.


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