About Us

Sue Prichard and Victoria Radford are the co-founders of 17 Bright Ideas. They are two busy mums with 7 kids  between them. Friends since primary school, Sue and Vicki wanted to create a website that could utilise their professional skills as well as the skills they have gained from being multi-tasking, problem solving, sleep deprived mums. One thing they both realised was that they loved lists! They are a great way to communicate information in an quick easy to read format and from that, 17 Bright Ideas was born.

Sue Prichard

Sue is mum to three children.  She loves cooking, travelling, getting the gossip and a good glass of wine!  Sue loves to provide Mum’s with advice given by other Mums because she knows word of mouth from experienced women is the best advice.


Victoria Radford

Victoria has 4 children. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and has worked in Brand Marketing in various large and small companies including Schwartzkopf and Uncle Toby’s.
Meetings around a dinner table with a toddler on their lap and children swimming in a sea of toys is the norm for this Mum duo. The chaos around them has only fuels their passion for the website. They strive to come up with good quality information on topics that are relevant to everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, life is hectic and most people want information quickly. Who has time to go to 5 websites to find that one idea that will make a difference to them? 17 Bright Ideas aims to make searching for everyday information as quick as a click.

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