17 Bright Ideas for Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

17 Bright Ideas for Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Finding healthy snacks for kids that meet school allergy requirements can be tricky.  Here are a few suggestions for snacks that your kids will love whether they have allergies or not. Here are our 17 Bright Ideas for Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas:

  • Disclaimer: Whilst these items should meet most school restrictions check with your school for local requirements as these vary between schools – PLEASE CHECK THE PACKET FOR DETAILS PRIOR TO CONSUMPTION IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES.

Scones – Fruit or pumpkin scones are a great size for the lunch box or a nice after school treat.

Almond Breeze Milk – Almond Breeze Almond Milk is a great milk alternative. It comes in Chocolate and Vanilla so the kids will see it as a great treat. Take a look at our Road Test of this product!

Savoury muffins – Try cheese and ham, spinach and feta, cheese and chive or corn and carrot. Add ingredients you know your kids like to make sure it doesn’t come home in their lunch box.

Chocolate  – Well, Naturally has delicious sugar free chocolate while Sweet William has a great dairy free chocolate. Add the chocolate and chic chips to some great recipes for a super sweet treat for the lunch box like rice crackles.

Breadsticks – An easy snack idea for school or after school snack.

Corn Cakes – Heinz has a great range of snacks for kids, including Mini Corn Cakes in 40g bags, great for travelling. 

Freedom Foods Cereals – Cereals such as Freedom Foods Tropic’o’s or Maple Crunch can be put into snap lock bags and eaten like a trail mix or make your own snack bars from their Gluten Free Muesli.

Orgran products – A wide range of products including apple and cinnamon pancakes, cornbread and muffin mix, biscuits, biscotti, crackers, crisp bread etc. You are sure to find a great allergy friendly lunch box idea here.

Sanatarium WeetBix for kids – spread with margarine and jam, Sanataruim honey weets. Also Sanitarium Up and Go and So Good Soy Milk popper boxes

SPC – Chick peas, corn kernels or 3 bean mix. Just stick them in a small plastic container with a spoon for a simple lunch box snack.

Fruit or Fruit snack packs – This is probably the easiest and one of the healthiest snacks to pack for your kids. Note that kiwi fruit can be on the allergy list for a school so please take care. Chop up your fruit if children find it hard to peel, and wipe cut sides of fruit with lemon, lime, orange or pineapple juice to stop then going brown. Little kids loosing their baby teeth can find it hard to bite into large pieces of hard fruit like apples.

Salad Vegetables – Raw vegetables cut up into sticks or batons are a super healthy snack.  Vegetables could include carrots, celery, capsicum, cucumber, snow peas, green beans or fennel.   Add an avocado dip made from avocado mixed with cream cheese and a little lemon juice to stop it going brown.

Cheese Sticks – This is a quick lunch box idea but make sure you pack an ice pack or frozen juice box to keep dairy foods cold.

Yoghurt – Yoghurt sticks can be frozen before putting in lunchboxes.  By morning tea time they will still be cold or perhaps even still partly frozen (think of those frozen yoghurt shops which are so popular!)

Air popped popcorn – You can buy these pre packed or simply pop your own. You can buy an air popped popcorn machine at Big W or K-Mart for a great price and the kids will love watching the popcorn spill out.

Pikelets – Add sultanas, carrot, zucchini or other fruit and vegetables for additional goodness.

Fruit bread – Add a bit of margarine then cut into fingers so little fingers can easily pick them up.

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