Amazing Gifts For Your Pets

Amazing Gifts For Your Pets

Looking for special gifts for your pets? Many years ago now, my sister bought a cute little Beagle puppy called Daisy. She loved Daisy so much she bought her the most beautiful canopy bed for her to sleep in. Unfortunately, Daisy grew a bit and after 3 weeks she had outgrown her princess bed. What this did show me was that people love their pets so much that often they are willing to look everywhere for the perfect stylish accessories to make their fluffy friends life even more wonderful. Here are 17 bright ideas for gifts you could get for your much loved (and spoilt) pet:

Hepper cat pod – Pet furniture shouldn’t ruin the look of your home. With this funky cat pod, your guests will mistake it for a piece of art. The Hepper cat pod comes in grey and green and gives your cat a great, comfortable place to curl up and hide. It is lined with snuggly Sherpa fleece and microfiber that is washable.

Louis Vuitton dog carrier, dog collar and leash – This is my pick of the list! What devoted pet lover wouldn’t want to give their pooch or kitty the absolute best in pet accessories? These luxury items are worth a look simply to see what luxury your pet can have, even if you can’t afford a handbag from Louis Vuitton yourself.

Feathered canopy dog bed – This is the ultimate for any pampered pooch. Let your dog or cat sleep under heavenly pink or purple feathers, on top of the fluffy, cosy cushion. This canopy bed is shipped from the USA and will turn any pet into royalty.

Californian cottage dog kennel – If you are looking for a home for your dog that has lots of space inside, windows to admire the vista and a front awning over the door flaps for extra protection from the elements, look no further than the Californian Cottage dog kennel.  The sturdy construction, peaked roof and good looking design are just what any outdoor pet needs.

Fillipet kristal bowl – You could be forgiven for thinking this stunning pet bowl is a piece of high end homeware. Its great design is high on one end and low on the other for easy drinking and it is made from clear coloured non-toxic acrylic. It looks great in pink, blue or quartz.

Charm dog collar – Every dog needs a bit of bling so if you have a charm bracelet, why not get a dazzling charm dog collar for your pet. You can add more charms to reflect your pets personality but it is definitely for the well dressed pet.

Crick dry food container This Italian designed food container is where form meets function for the pet world. Keep dry food fresh and use the built in scoop to dish out yummy treats for your fluffy friend. Available in blue and pink.

Dog tuxedo – For those special occasions when your pet needs to look his best.

52 Weeks of Treats ebook – If you love to cook and your pet loves to eat then this book will please you both. You can whip up a treat a week for your favourite companion without giving up nutrition. All 26 treats in this book are made with 100% safe and human grade ingredients which will make you all feel good. Treats include Cinnamon Honey Doughnuts, Raspberry and Coconut Bark and Hearty Beef Bites.

Homemade dog treats – If you don’t have the time to cook but still want to give your pet special treats for their doggy birthday party then check out the range of homemade dog biscuits from Happy Yappers. You can even order petit fours for a doggy high tea. Very stylish. All treats are made using the highest quality ingredients.

Dog costumes – Dressing up your pet has never been as fun. There is such an amazing selection of pet outfits that you are sure to find something that is “So Them”. I can’t decide between the bumble bee and the taco as my favourite…how about you?

Sleepypod mobile pet bed – This great looking sleep pod is for pets on the go. It is a great idea if you are out and about a lot as it is a pet carrier, a bed and a car seat. It is stylish and versatile so it will meet not only your needs but, more importantly, the needs of your pet.

Aikiou interactive dog bowl and game – If your little pooch is inside for a lot of the day and needs some fun when you get home from work, why not get them the Aïkiou Interactive Bowl. It gives dogs a chance to problem solve and have fun as part of meal time. It also helps to stop dogs from eating too fast or too much. I guess it is like Sudoku for dogs.

Bliss cat tunnel – Your cat will have hours of fun playing in this stylish leopard animal print tunnel. There is a ball on an elastic, peep holes and a dangle teaser. Best of all, it folds away for storage but when it looks this great, you can keep it out even when guests come around.

DOOG Cesar Millan pro walking belt– Keep everything handy when you are taking your dog for a walk with this great walking belt. There is a clip for your iPod plus wipes, tidy bags, pockets for keys, phone and dog treats and clips for a leash.

Candy stripe knit jumper – Step out with your dog in style this winter with these super cute doggy pullover jumpers in a range of great colours and sizes. They are also easy to clean, which is very important.

AFL or NRL Club Membership – If you are a members of an AFL or NRL club, then why not get your pet an add on membership. Each club gives you something a bit different but last years Premiership winners Sydney Swans will give your pet a tag, photo frame, a certificate and a birthday card while the Melbourne Storm have a Sup-Paw-Ters pack with tag and door sign. Check your individual team as items may vary.

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  1. Alessi make divine pet bowls that are practical and would look great in any house

  2. Love the Hepper Cat pod I definitely never thought of something like that. My cat would spend there all day. Perfect place for a cat to hide.

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