Aussie Adventures – The 5 Best Spots In Australia For Beginner Off-road Drivers

Aussie Adventures – The 5 Best Spots In Australia For Beginner Off-road Drivers

If you’re new to the world of off-roading, it’s a smart idea to ease your way in. Even the most experienced driver can get in a dangerous bind if they misjudge the terrain. Beginners need to do their homework to learn everything they need to know about their vehicles, reading the terrain, avoiding trouble, and getting out of it if they make a mistake.  

Once you’re ready to head into the wilderness, it’s also worth fitting your vehicle out with emergency equipment, a first aid kit, and a quality set of LED driving lights for offroad vehicles. Then all you have left to do is grab your travel buddies, fill up on your favourite snacks, and explore these fun but beginner-friendly off-road spots. 

1. Tallarook State Forest, Victoria

If you’re in a Melbournite, you’re in luck because one of the best off-road spots for beginners can be found just 1.5 hours from Victoria’s capital. Tallarook State Forest has a massive range of tracks, spanning from easy to challenging. You’ll also get to test your skills on a variety of surfaces, though it’s mostly rocky and clay based terrain. Melbourne’s signature wet weather can make the tracks far more difficult, so be sure to avoid pushing too far above your skill level too quickly. 

2. Landcruiser Mountain Park, Queensland

Landcruiser Mountain Park is nestled in the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland in South East Queensland. Just two hours north of Brisbane, you’ll find 10,000 acres of lush greenery, filled with more than 200kms of track. Though there are many fantastic trails for beginners, there’s also some tough terrain, so be sure to chat with the landowners if you need some direction.

3. Lincoln National Mark, South Australia

If you want to test your sand driving skills, Lincoln National Park is the place to do it. Spanning out along the Eyre Peninsula, this park features some of Australia’s most epic sand dunes. So, your off-roading travel companions will be in for some stunning views. To get out there, get on the Sleaford-Wanna 4WD track and follow it until you hit the dunes. 

4. Brindabella National Park, New South Wales

This stunning mountainous region can be found approximately 60km west of Canberra and just over 260km west of Sydney. It offers almost 20,000 hectares for you to explore, packed full of unsealed tracks leading to some of the most stunning and secluded creeks, waterfalls, swimming holes and walking tracks in New South Wales. Stick to the dry season for outings to this area, and be sure to check for alerts on the NSW National Parks website before you head out. 

5. Ocean Beach Road, Tasmania

This unique 4WD track will take you along the western-most point in Tasmania and is one of the most stunning spots for beach driving in Australia. You’ll have crashing waves on one side of your vehicle, sand dunes on the other, and the Henty River up ahead. You can cross this river if you feel you’re up to it, but there is quicksand, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep an eye out for seals and sea lions and other stunning local fauna. 
Australia is brimming with brilliant 4WD spots to explore. If you start with these easier experiences and work your way up, your life will be one endless adventure.

Photo: Bartosz Bartkowiak/Pexels

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