Balancing Study As A Busy Mum

Balancing Study As A Busy Mum

Being a mum is the biggest privilege in the whole wide world and it is something which is so unique and could never be replaced by anything else. However, being a Mum can also mean a lot of running around, trying to balance your work and children and it can be stressful and tiring.

If you are thinking about studying for a job this year, here are some of the ways you can balance this learning with looking after the kids.

Get them involved

Depending on the age of your children you could actually get them involved in your study by getting them to ask you questions about the subject and quiz you at the end of a chapter. Usually textbooks will have a little quiz at the end of each chapter and you can ask your kids to give you the questions to help you revise. It will be a fun little game for them and you will have time to bond while you revise.

Work around the school run

Trying to work study and your job around kids is a terrible chore and it can be a huge task to try and achieve. However one thing you can do on the school run is get there 5-10 minutes earlier and whip your books out while you wait for the kids to come out to school. It won’t be a long study session but it can be the ideal time to look over some of your notes and grasp a concept or two.

Go to night school

Night school  isn’t an ideal situation when you are studying as an adult however it can be a good way to be able to learn about your chosen subject and to be able to do it with a group of people who are also interested. This will allow you to study as a group, throw ideas around it can be a much more immersive learning experience than simply opening a textbook.

Study online

For a learning experience which can fit around whatever time you have in the day, make sure that you look into studying online this year. Online study is a great way to get the most out of a learning experience but do it in a way which fits around your lifestyle and your needs. You don’t need to sit in a classroom and you won’t have set deadlines meaning that a course can take as little or as long as it needs to.

Ask for help

When it comes to studying at then looking for a jog afterwards this can be the main challenge and you might just find yourself not knowing what is the best thing for you to do. However there are always people to help you find a career after a course and there are plenty of business, Marketing or sales graduate jobs out there which you can take advantage of in your lifetime. Don’t panic because there will always be help there when you need it.


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