6 Ways To Get A Beautifully Smelling Home
Beautiful smelling home

6 Ways To Get A Beautifully Smelling Home

Are You Desperate For A Beautifully Smelling Home?


It can be awful to walk into your home and find a nasty smell, and even worse if you have someone else with you. We all want to keep our homes smelling fresh, and here are a few ways to achieve a beautifully smelling home.


1. Clean Drains and Pipes

Although the drains are on the outside of your home, if one gets blocked the smell will back up the pipes and the smell can be awful. This one is easy to avoid though. Make sure you have your pipes and drains cleaned by a plumber, like JH Fox Plumbing, and this should never happen. Just remember to do it again periodically to keep things running smoothly and smelling sweet.


2. Open The Windows

Fresh air and stale air do not like each other at all and if you open a few windows, the fresh air will win every time. This might not seem like a good idea if it is cold outside, but it only takes a few minutes for the stale air to disappear.


3. Remove Smelly Objects

There are some things that will spoil the smell of your home, and the best way to deal with them is to get rid of them. Empty all your indoor bins, especially if they have food in them. In fact, stale food will smell whether it is in the fridge, a cupboard or your bins and you should dispose of it as soon as you can.

Is your pet bedding smelling? Perhaps it is time to buy some new or at the very least to wash it. The same applies to throw, rugs and upholstery. Don’t leave damp washing sitting about either, as that creates a really nasty aroma.

If it is your carpet that needs refreshing, buy a carpet deodorizer and spray it liberally over every carpet and rug in your home.


4. Use Scented Candles, Potpourri And Air Fresheners

Scented candles, potpourri and air fresheners will not only get rid of unwanted smells, they will replace them with something much more pleasant. If you want your home smelling of roses, violet, jasmine or something else equally as nice, these are the answer.

They can be bought in spray cans, solid blocks, and slow release options and can look very attractive as well as smelling nice.

(Remember: If you use candles, NEVER leave them unattended and place them in a clear, open area)


5. Delicious Cooking Smells

Cooking something that delicious is a very old trick to make your home smell beautiful. The smell of freshly baked bread or cakes, a casserole or something else just as tasty will not only enhance the aroma of your home, you will enjoy eating them as well. Just avoid foods that create a greasy smell, as that is not quite so pleasant.


6. Household Cleaners

Household cleaners not only do the job they are meant to, they make your home smell clean. Put some on a cloth and wipe a few surfaces, including the floor, when you are expecting visitors, and cleanliness will be the first impression they get. Spray some into corners that are hard to get to and places like around the toilet bowl. The fresh clean smell will fill the whole house in no time at all.


Aaaah, doesn’t that smell good?



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