17 Things To Consider Before Starting A Weight Loss Program

17 Things To Consider Before Starting A Weight Loss Program

 Do you feel like you’d like to see a new healthier, happier you? Have you thought that you need to go on a diet or start a weight loss plan? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not feeling good about what is looking back at you? It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 2kg, 5kg or 50kg, you need to start somewhere. Before you start, here are 17 Things To Consider Before Starting A Weight Loss Program;

Check with your doctor – It is very important to seek medical advice before attempting any weight loss plan. Get a full check up before you start so there are no hiccups along the way and make sure to tell your doctor about your medical history or concerns. 

Set a goal and write it down – Think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose 5kg in 8 weeks or fit into that great little back dress or be able to run in the park with the kids. Write down your goal and place it somewhere you can see it every day to help keep you on track.

Be realistic about your goals – The more realistic you make your goal, the easier it will be to achieve. Think about what is healthy for you and consider you age and lifestyle but also have faith in what you can acheive.

Don’t go it alone – Embarking on a weight loss program with someone else is a great way to stay motivated and get to your goal faster. Working as a team allows you to celebrate you success and give you support when times get tough. Why not join Sue & Vicki on their 5kg Weight Loss Challenge and we can support each other

Get the support of your partner, kids and friends – When you start a weight loss plan, you can often feel embarrassed to tell people about it but things can be so much easier if you tell those around you as they can give you the support you need. Why not look for a weight loss plan that you don’t have to eat separate food from your family (like Weight Watchers) and make it easier for them to get excited.

Clean out your pantry and fridge – Before the big start day, go through your cupboards, pantry, fridge and ‘that special hiding place’ and remove anything that is going to tempt you. You won’t really miss it and if it isn’t there, you won’t be able to go for it in one of those weak moments. Fill your kitchen with fruit and cut up vegetables. The kids might object at first but you’ll really see the benefits after a short time.

Learn to love water – No matter what weight loss program you decide to go on, water is going to be your friend. It is not only essential for your body but it may also help to fill you up more plus it’s free!. Keep a water bottle in your fridge, in your handbag and in your car so that you can reach for it wherever you are. 

Think about how you can move more – Exercise is a great way to speed up any weight loss plan but it is also a great way to improve your mood and overall health. If you can join a gym, go for a regular swim, try something different like the Bungypump or find time for a 30 minute walk then you are doing well but you can also think of ways to fit movement into your everyday life. Check out these tips from a previous list – How To Get More Exercise Into Your Day.  

Have a plan – One of the great things that I’ve learned in all my years of trying different weight loss programs is to plan ahead. Think about what you are going to eat, write a list of the food you are going to need to buy. Also, think about what you will be doing and consider what challenges you need to face. Are there parties, dinners or morning teas coming up. Plan how to deal with these situations. 

Take a before photo – OK, you may not feel you want to take a photo when you are feeling unhealthy or overweight but having a photo of when you start your weight loss plan will give you a good measure of how well you are doing. You’ll also be able to use the photo as motivation to stay healthy when you get to your goal.

Don’t think you are on a diet – A diet can sound very short term but for total success you really need to change life habits. Think of your weight loss program as a lifestyle change. Make changes that will last a life time for the ultimate success. 

Be positive – Get excited about what you are about to do and believe that you can do it. Believe in yourself and kick any doubts to the kerb. The fact that you have considered getting more healthy should make you feel good. 

Get the right tools – Part of any weight loss program is knowing the amount of food you are consuming, so get some kitchen scales and measuring cups. You may also consider getting some scales to weigh yourself too, so you can track your progress. If you are following something like Weight Watchers, there are a huge number of other tools you can get to you to goal faster so check them out.

Get yourself some clothes you can exercise in  – Dig out your old sneakers (or upgrade if you need to) and find some comfortable sweatpants and get ready to move. Exercise clothes don’t need to be fancy or expensive. Take a look at K-Mart or Rebel to find something in your budget or simply borrow from a friend if that helps. 

Find some great recipes – Go online or visit the library and find some great weight loss recipes that look delicious. There are so many great cookbooks out there that will help you to stay on track and not feel hungry but also allow you to make just one family dinner meal. Check out some of the great recipe books from Booktopia and keep them handy for meal planning and weekly dinners. 

Consider your start time – Obviously you shouldn’t put off getting healthy because it’s not a good time but maybe consider not starting on your birthday, Easter or Christmas day. Aim to go lighter than you have in the past but once these big celebrations are out of the way you’ll be able to stay more focussed on your weight loss plan.   

Think of this as the last time – The best way to go into any new weight loss program is thinking that this will be the last time you start a diet and you’re making a permanent lifestyle change so that you can look good and feel great. You can do it  if you put your mind to it.

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