Being Organised Doesn’t Mean Losing Spontaneity

Being Organised Doesn’t Mean Losing Spontaneity

On our site we have set up, for our members, 17 really useful and flexible templates. You can plan your household budget, weekly shopping lists and birthday party check lists… These templates aim to help make life more organised and in turn, easier. I then got to thinking, by getting super organised and scheduled; do you lose your flexibility and spontaneity? Is it a bright idea to be super organised?

I’ve always been one of those people who doesn’t plan ahead too much but lately, especially having kids, it seems that the better I plan ahead, the more I can get things done and then I have more time to do the spontaneous things I like to do. I know there are people who like to schedule and plan every minute of their day from work to the weekends but I think its nice to wake up in the morning and think – “I’d love to go to the beach today, I can do the food shopping tomorrow.”

Planning your week using templates to guide your activities, gives you the tools to allow for spontaneity, as well as save money. If you factor in emergencies and unexpected trips out, you will always be covered whichever way you want to go.  If you plan your meals, keep your freezer well stocked for emergencies, plan gifts and stay organised being spur of the moment gets so much easier.

What do you think? Do you plan every minute or do you live in the moment?

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