17 Bright Ideas to Become a Better Cook

17 Bright Ideas to Become a Better Cook

Would you like to become a better cook? You might not be the next Gordon Ramsay, that’s ok! It doesn’t mean you should be slacking off in the kitchen though. If you’re a parent it means you can cook better food for the family and if you’re not a parent, well it means you can cook better food for yourself. How can you become a better cook? Well – here are 17 ways how!

Educate yourself – Cooking isn’t just about sticking a pan on the highest temperature and waiting until the food is done (burnt). Even the best chefs are learning new techniques. It’s not about trying to be the best, it’s about learning how to make cooking simpler and easier.

Learn from your mistakes – If you’re burning food all the time, try to find out why and look at ways to improve. This is a good idea as it stops you wasting money.

Buy cookbooks – The internet is great, but some fantastic recipes don’t appear beyond the written pages of cookbooks. They are really good to have handy but they also look great in your kitchen.

Follow the recipe – If you have a cookbook – follow the recipe. If you’re on the internet, follow the recipe. There are countless people who skip steps in recipe and miss out on not only crucial instructions, but also ingredients.

Don’t get ahead of yourself – Cooking is hard work, but it’s even harder if you’re trying to make pasta when you can’t even toast bread.

Cook basic – Cooking basic means good food, with common ingredients. It’s cheap and can help you lean instead of wasting expensive ingredient.

Know your cooking temperatures – High heat on the hob doesn’t just mean it will cook quicker…

Learn about cooking equipment – What’s the difference between a saucepan, a frying pan and a wok? Find out!

Buy good equipment – Start off with a silicon spatula, a ladle, an oven, a saucepan and a frying pan before moving on. These basics will help you cook.

Buy more equipment – BBQ’s from www.bbqsplus.com.au, slow cookers, halogen ovens. All these things can offer you new ways to cook.

Pay respect to hygiene and health – Wash your hands and don’t serve raw meats.

Master one ingredient at a time – If you want to make a mean steak and eggs, why not learn how an egg works? How does it cook, what temperature? Then you can get onto the steak. It’s easier to do this so you know how things cook and work outside of the boundaries of recipes.

Expand on your knowledge – Cooks never stop learning. Visit your local library or hit the internet to find out about all aspects of cooking.

Use recipes with similar ingredients –  This means you can cook different things with the same stuff for variety and simplicity. This will also help with the cost of cooking as you will use us the ingredients you have in your pantry and not end up with a dozen, once used spices.

Cook in batches and freeze to save time – A big sunday cooking session means good eats for the whole week. Make sure you store your food properly when you freeze it and know how long different foods will last.

Get science –  Sites like Serious Eats have a food lab which brings math and science to the kitchen. It’s great and can help you take your cooking to the next level.

Cook for many – It’s easy to cook for yourself. We know what we like best. Host a dinner party and show off your skills and show everyone how you have become a better cook!


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