Birthday Surprises That Will Definitely Shock Your Kids!

Birthday Surprises That Will Definitely Shock Your Kids!

Every life comprises a few fun and cheerful moments that make it worth living. Most of these moments are hard to come by, but the most frequent ones are birthdays. And when it’s the birthday of your young baby boy or girl, it goes without saying how special the occasion is. These are times when you find it hard to contain yourself and want the entire city to be decorated just to make a statement about how much you love them. The idea may sound exaggerated while putting it in words but is in line with the emotions.

There are just so many things to do now for birthdays, that you can find your young one easily surprised. You can practically choose to turn the birthday into a movie set, bring their imagination to life, make them the hero, and gift wrap the loots of that pirate expedition to them. All of this is possible if that is what you desire. However, what can not go neglected is that all of this requires a lot of planning and hard work. And no matter how much parents are willing to invest themselves, it is impossible to take too much time out of a busy schedule.

Fortunately for these situations, with the ascend of the birthday trend, many people made it their business to organize it for others. Restaurant, gaming zones, bowling alleys, and if none of those, then there are professional event management that plans it for you. All you need to do is hire professionals, tell them what you have in mind, hear what they have to say about the arrangements, and then let them do their job. Most likely, you will end up being amazed by the quality of work that these do. You can easily arrange a bowling party for 4-year-old kids and above and knock their socks off because anyone hardly goes to a bowling alley expecting party poppers to fly in their face.

But if you still feel that hiring help to arrange for an event that is so special is off the books, then it is best to do it yourself. In which case, here are some awesome ideas for birthday surprises that will leave your kids shocked.

1. Invite a celebrity

A great surprise for most individuals is to have their favorite celebrities show up and wish them a happy birthday in person. It could be their favorite singer, movie star, favorite cartoon character, or a public figure. If you can find a way to get the word to them, you should do so because there is nothing else that could liven your child’s day.

2. Super hero costumes

Superheroes are every kid’s life, and it is practically impossible for them to imagine life without them. It certainly is not an option to make a superhero part of your birthday party, but you can dress up as a hero and organize a costume party for them. Not only will it bring a huge smile on their face, but make every moment spent at that party the most memorable ones for them.

3. Balloon floors

The best way to catch your young ones off guard is to do it when they just wake up. And what better sight could there be for a young one to wake up to the floor of balloons. Just make sure that you are super silent when setting it up, or else, it’s an effort wasted, and you will not get another shot at it. If everything goes right, expect your bundle of joy to find it hard to contain themselves.

4. Old school get together/ Nostalgia photographs

If you recently had to shift and your little one had to change their school, there is a good chance that they had to move on after giving up some really good friends. They might have tried to hide it, but as a parent, it is best if you can arrange a birthday party and invite all those friends over. This way, your kid knows that moving on does not mean that they will have to give up their friends. They can still meet them if they want to.

5. Countdowns

Another great way that has its charms is a birthday countdown. Every countdown is unique and holds great value when you are a kid. Applying the same idea to birthdays and then gifting a present at the end of it, on a special occasion is a great way to surprise your kid. Your kid certainly cannot avoid being overwhelmed, even if they know what hit them.


These are some of the brightest ideas to leave your child struck with amazement. Pick one, or come up with a show-stopper of your own, let your kid know how much you love them and seize the moment with them. After all, you only get to experience the joy of being a kid once. And more the surprises, the merrier the childhood.

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