Bookweek Costume Ideas 2017 – Escape to Everywhere
Try these Bookweek Costume Ideas 2017

Bookweek Costume Ideas 2017 – Escape to Everywhere

Check out our list of Bookweek Costume Ideas 2017!  Buying a costume will save you time, money and energy and our friends at Costume Box have some amazing deals!  They even deliver in 1-2 days so if you have left it to the last minute don’t panic!


Go as Koala Lou by Mem FoxThis cute and cuddly Koala costume is great for young kids and will be a real hit that fits this years theme -Escape to Everywhere perfectly. See if you can find some eucalyptus leaves to take along too.

Go as the Donkey from Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith – This is a great choice for a child who has a cheeky nature and is happy to play the part of this loveable ‘real Aussie’ Wonky Donkey. Why not try a wrap and ride donkey costume which is easy to take on and off. Don’t forget to add the eye patch!

Go as Judy from The Jetsons – The Jetsons was a great ‘space’ cartoon for any space loving kid. She does look super cute too! Here is a great costume the kids will love. This fits perfectly with Escape To Everywhere.

Go as Belinda by Pamela Allen – Young kids love Belinda the cow and she really is a true Australian Story! If you want a total effect, choose the cow suit like this one from for younger kids – its really cute.

Go as The Witch from Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson – This is a good choice of costume that you will be able to re-use for other occasions. There are many different options here but try this one from for a fun look and keep it on hand for Halloween too.

Go as Beatie from Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park – This book is such a classic and really is a great Australian Story. Escape to Anywhere being Historic Australia.   A Pioneer Girls Costume is a terrific choice for Bookweek Costume Ideas 2017.

Go as The Butterfly from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – Everyone goes as the caterpillar so why not get to the end of the book and go as the butterfly? Invest in a total costume with pretty colours for the wow factor or just get some fairy wings and team with a colourful top for a budget look that will still look great.

Go add Captain Cook from This is Captain Cook by Tania McCartney and Christina Booth – A great choice for the little adventurer, girl or boy. This costume is great and team it up with a telescope made from a paper towel roll covered with foil.

Go as the Lion from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum – We’ve found a fun costume that is a good choice for both a boy or a girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wear this costume to the shopping centre too. For a different, more comfortable solution, just buy the face mask with a Cowardly Lion Badge of Courage over a yellow t-shirt.

Go as Thing 1 or 2 from The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss – Hopefully your little ones will be better behaved when they have these costumes on. This one from looks great.

Go as Nemo from Finding Nemo – This fits this years theme well as Finding Nemo is set in Australia’s beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Although it’s a movie, Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory) come in book form and this costume is great as its easy to put on and looks terrific.

Go as a Cockatoo from Cockatoo Too by Bethany Deenay Murguia –  This is a really sweet book and a wonderful story about an Aussie Cockatoo. We’ve found this great Cockatoo wrap and ride costume that will work perfectly.

Go as Harry from Harry Potter by JK Rowling – This is such a loved story and a versatile costume that you can use for Harry or other Harry Potter Characters. It also works as a Hermoine costume!

Go as a Shark from Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt – It your child simply wants an easy costume, then why not get them this shark hat. Wear a great top and jeans and your set to go.

Go as Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol – This is a great choice for young girls as its pretty dress that could always be used for other dress-up occasions – just use your imagination. There are quite a few different versions out there so take a look to see what you like and what fits in your budget but here is a great one from Costume Box that is mid-price.

Go as an Alien from Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort – There are a few different Alien costumes out there. Here is a good option from

Go as Nicolas from Space Boy by Leo Laundry – There are a couple of options to choose from when becoming an Astronaut. You can choose with or without a helmet. Check out this option from


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