Bright Ideas for a Dog Friendly Garden

Bright Ideas for a Dog Friendly Garden

If you own a dog and you have a garden, then naturally, you are going to want to let your four-legged friend enjoy as much outdoor time as possible. If that’s the case, you will need to do a few things to ensure that your garden is safe for your pooch to play in.

Here are some bright ideas to help you create a dog-friendly garden:

Remove any Harmful Plants

There are numerous plants and flowers that are toxic should your dog decide to consume them. So, first and foremost, you will need to check if you have any in your garden and if you do set about digging them up.

If you have a lot of plants that are unsuitable for your pooch, you may need to hire a skip to get rid of all the waste unless you can get the plants out and to a new home. It’s easier than ever to secure the best price for skip hire, so it shouldn’t be too costly. A skip will come in handy for the next bright idea on this list too.


Clear the Clutter

Like our homes, our gardens tend to accumulate clutter – old fence panels, rusted garden tools, and all manner of ‘rubbish’ that could cut your dog or cause him harm in some way. If this applies to your garden, now is the perfect time to get rid and make things safe.


Plant Strong Plants

Once you’ve removed any problematic plants, your garden might be looking a bit bare. So, you’ll probably want to replace them with some nice new dog-friendly greenery. When you do this, don’t buy young, immature plants, or those that are delicate by nature because a boisterous dog will destroy them in no time. Instead, go for maturer, hardier plants and shrubs like geraniums, lavender and nepeta.


Invest in Railways Sleepers

Why would you want to invest in wooden railway sleepers? Because you can use them to create raised beds. Why would you want to do this? Because you can create raised beds for your dog to play in leaving the rest fo the garden free for you. For example, you could build one bed and fill it with sand or dirt, then hide a few fun dog toys underneath, for your dog to dig at without ruining the rest of your garden, or you could create a bed covered in lawn for them to play (or pee) on. With just a little training, they’ll see these beds as their own, and you can enjoy what remains of your space however you prefer.


Place Chicken Wire Around the Borders

Placing chicken wire around the borders of your garden will deter your dog from digging down and out under the fences or shrubbery, to keep him safe.


Fill Your Paths with Gravel

Having gravel paths in the garden is a great idea when you have dogs because gravel is great at removing mud and drying off wet and dirty doggy paws. So, if they have to walk down the gravel path back to the house, you’ll have a much easier time of cleaning them up and keeping your floors paw-print free.

Your dog is sure to enjoy your garden safely if you make these simple changes!


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