Bright Ideas for Pancakes

Bright Ideas for Pancakes

My kids favourite breakfast by far is pancakes,  so when I found out today about this exciting competition from Australian Eggs it got me thinking about Bright Ideas for Pancakes.  [The competition is to submit your favourite pancake dish via the Australian Eggs Facebook page (  The most unique ingredient combinations go into the draw to win $1000! ( check out their website and Facebook page for all the terms and conditions). ] I will share on our Facebook page if you are interested.

I am not sure these are going to win me any competitions ( but if you steal my ideas and win cash make sure you share!) but after surveying the kids here are my top 5 bright ideas for pancake toppings:

1. Frozen berries, warmed up so they are a bit steamy, topped with yoghurt and  crunchy raw sugar.  The berry juice makes the yoghurt go pink so is very popular with girls

2. The pancake face – banana eyes, strawberry nose and melon mouth

3. Ricotta mixed with honey and blueberries

4. Good old cinnamon sugar.  The kids like to make their own but make sure you supervise because I ended up with enough cinnamon sugar for the next 10 years

5. Ice cream with chopped up picnic chocolate sprinkled on top – nuts are healthy aren’t they?

I’m getting hungry with all this – maybe some pumpkin pikelets for the kids lunch box tomorrow…………..







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