Bright Ideas To Get the Best from Zoom

Bright Ideas To Get the Best from Zoom

We love these hot tips from Jess Ruhfus, CEO and Founder of Collabosaurus for all your Zoom calls.

 1.Use the ‘beauty filter’! 

In video settings > advanced, click ‘touch up my appearance’ – who needs a  full face of makeup anyway. This is ideal for those of us who aren’t wearing makeup at home right now but still want to look fresh on a Zoom call with a potential client.

2. Get creative with backgrounds

Did you know that Zoom has the ability to auto-detect our background and treat it as a green screen? That means you can upload an image of an incredible office background, or poolside in Fiji as your background. I’ve even seen teams have weekly WIP meetings with a theme – i.e ‘something starting with S’ or ‘Fruits & Vegetables’ for something fun. This can also liven up your Friday team drinks hosted on Zoom.

3. Connect Zoom to auto-create meetings with Calendly.

Saves SO MUCH TIME. It’ll also automatically remind everyone about the meeting. It’s very easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home but never a good look to be late to a meeting.

4. Live broadcast

into a Facebook group or page with Zoom. This enables you to share your screen on a live Facebook Broadcast – something you couldn’t do just with Facebook alone. This is ideal for when you’re running a training workshop or doing something cool that you want to share with your audience.

5. Light is everything,

So is height. An old shoe box on your desk is great for height and if you can face a window, you’ve got the best chance of looking professional as the natural light is behind the camera and shining brightly on your face.

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