Bright Ideas For Transforming Your Bedroom

Bright Ideas For Transforming Your Bedroom

Now that winter is fully here, most of us want to simply cuddle up at home and stay there until the weather starts to get warm once more. If you want to really make the home as cosy and warm as you can then the bedroom is the ideal place to start, and it can be the best place in the house to play around with and update at this time of the year. So, if you want to make your bedroom extra cosy this winter here are some of the things you can do.

Make a den

One of the things which can be super fun to do in your bedroom this winter is create a cosy den. Now, we don’t mean making a fort like you would as a child, we are talking about something a little more adult for you this year. For example you can think about creating a four poster style bed and with this you will be able to drape some fabrics and make it feel like the cosiest part of the world ever. It’ll be a fun project for you to do and you’ll get an amazing night’s sleep because of it.

Hang lights

It is always important to think about lighting in the bedroom because the lights you have can make a big impact on the atmosphere in the room. Think about creating softer lights in this room than you would in the rest of the house because the bedroom is a place where you want to relax and renew after the day. For a stunning effect you could even hang fairy lights on your new poster bed or you can instead hang a net of lights behind your headboard for a beautiful effect. It will make your room feel more magical and it will make it feel like the ideal place to cuddle up after a long week.

Bring in some scents

The bedroom is a part of the house which is very atmosphere driven and it will be part of your home which you will want to make feel relaxing in every way possible. For example you can think about bringing in some relaxing and calming scents to help you get ready for a wonderful relaxed night’s sleep. This can include things like chamomile and lavender and will relax your body and mind and allow you to drift off to sleep much more quickly than you would have before.

Choose great bedding

The key to your bedroom is the bed, and if you want to really make yourself feel cosy and comfortable you will want to spend some time making changes to the bed and the bedding you have too. This can include buying some new cotton sheets and pillows for the bed and bringing in a thicker duvet for the winter period to make it feel warm and cosy.

Make it cosy

Speaking of cosy, there are loads of little things you can add into the room for that homeliness factor. This can include things like cushions and artwork to add personality to the room and it can also be things such as candles and lamps which will keep the room feeling like the ultimate relaxing spot.

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