Bright Ideas for Giving Your Home a Facelift

Bright Ideas for Giving Your Home a Facelift

Have you ever come home from work, and open the door to your house and thought: “Ughhhh, this place really needs some work?”If you have, then it may just be time to give the old place a bit of a facelift. But sometimes the disruption of doing home renovations can put you off, so keeping reading for some tips that can help you give your home a refresh in super quick time.


Mirrors are a great help and a quick way to give you home a facelift. Not only are they decorative objectives in themselves, and they can add to the ambiance of any room. But they also have another purpose. Mirrors, of course, reflect light, meaning you can use them at carefully placed spots to make a small room seem larger and brighter.

Also, If you are feeling really creative, you can even do an infinity style mirror trick like this one here, for some added interest, guaranteed to brighten up a boring old room.

Change the curtains

Changing the window treatments in a room can make a massive difference to your home. If you pick the right one, they can alter the feel of the room, as well as the light that enters naturally.

To make things brighter use a lighter color like cream or silver in a slub weave type fabric. Also, ignore nets at the windows and use voile instead as this provides privacy without cutting out the light.

Also, remember to hang your curtains correctly. That is, around the windows not over them. This makes the window area seem larger, and so the room seems lighter which isn’t just good for you but can also help add value to your home when it comes time to sell it.

Built in storage

Another easy and quick way to change the whole feel of a room is to build some storage that allows you to keep things hidden.

For example, you may choose to install a TV and entertainment cabinet that can hide all of your gadgets and gizmos when they are not in use. In this way, you get two rooms for the price of one, because you can choose whether to have these items display when you are watching them. Then put them away when you want a more peaceful atmosphere.

Patterned walls

Another bright and quick idea for giving your home a facelift is to paint the walls. But not just in a boring solid color. Instead, why not get a little creative and use paint to create a modern geometric design?

You can hire professionals like Cameron Davidson Painters And Decorators if you don’t fancy doing it yourself. Or you can get crazy with masking tape and color charts. Just remember to keep within those lines. Otherwise, your pattern isn’t going to have the slick finish that you require for this to be successful.

Pops of color

As most decorators know introducing a pop of color to a room is a quick and clever way of refreshing things.

To do this to maximum effect make sure that you pick two contrasting colors. As in this way you draw the eye and can create some real drama in your space.


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