Bright Ideas for Keeping Your Home Spick and Span

Bright Ideas for Keeping Your Home Spick and Span

All homeowners will want to keep their properties tidy, clean, and free of germs. With that in mind, there are seventeen bright ideas on this page that you might want to consider. Take a moment to read through all the tips and then implement some of the best ones into your routine. Hopefully, you will end up with a home that’s fit for a queen, and you won’t have to stress about feeling embarrassed when your friends come around to visit.

Clean your carpets weekly. Sites like Electrodry offer some excellent information on the best ways to remove some of the most common stains and marks from your carpets.

Deep clean your kitchen weekly. Your kitchen is the place most likely to become infected with harmful bacteria as it is where you prepare uncooked meat. So, be sure to disinfect every day and perform a deep clean every week.

Remove all those germs from your bathroom. Your bathroom is also likely to become home to bacteria, and so you will want to deep clean the space every week for the best results. Pay particular attention to the floor and all the areas near to the toilet for the best results!

Try using homemade cleaning recipes. There are lots of guides online that offer homemade cleaning recipes you could try. Consider using those instead of spending a fortune on branded products.

Purchase hidden storage solutions. You can find lots of furniture items online that contain hidden storage space. Some of the most popular ones include beds, sofas, and chairs.

Hide electrical cords with cardboard tubes. The last thing you want is for guests to see a mess of tangled wires. Thankfully, you can prevent that situation by using cardboard tubes to keep them looking neat.

Use tension rods for those cleaning bottles. If you hang a couple of metal rods from one end of your cupboards to the other; you can handle your cleaning bottles and ensure they never get in the way.

Keep your kitchen bin in a cupboard. No homeowner wants guests to see their kitchen bin when they visit their houses. So, be sure to store yours inside a cabinet and empty it regularly, so it doesn’t smell.

Keep those shoes out of sight. If you have hundreds of pairs of shoes lying around, it probably makes sense to store them under your bed or somewhere out of sight.

Pay someone to clean the exterior of your windows. While you should clean the interior of your windows, there are people you can pay to clean the outside for a small fee.

Make the beds. Nothing says messy like an unmade bed. Make sure you get in the habit of making yours every single morning before you go to work.

Do one load of laundry every day. If you put some clothes in the washing machine every single morning; you should have no need to worry about a build-up of washing at the weekend.

Get the entire family involved. Cleaning isn’t a solitary task, and so you should include your partner and the children for the best results.

Declutter as much as possible. Most people have far too much clutter in your home. Consider giving some items to charity and clearing some space.

Clean as you go. The best way to keep a clean home is to make sure you don’t leave anything for later. If you make a mess, clean it up straight away, and you won’t make life difficult.

Remember to dust! Lots of people forget to dust their homes every couple of days, and that can often result in cobwebs forming in the corners of rooms. Do yourself a favour and get a duster!

Vacuum daily. Lastly, you’ll want to vacuum every single day if you have carpets in your home. Those with wooden or laminate flooring will need to invest in some wipes.

  • Now you know how to keep your home spick and span; nothing should stand in your way. Put those ideas into practice today, and you’ll never feel embarrassed when your friends and family come around for a visit. Enjoy!
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