Bright Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Room Tidy

Bright Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Room Tidy

As your family grows, your home, unfortunately, does not, and it is not long before you are feeling like your house is bursting at the seams.  Whatever their age, kids attract clutter. Whether it is equipment for a newborn, or a toddler’s ever expanding toy collection, you will soon be despairing over the permanent state of disarray in their rooms.

One option is to extend your home, and companies such as The Renovation Company can mastermind complete home renovations in as little as six weeks. For most of us, however, this is often not possible due to limited space, time, and of course, cash. So, an easier way to try to refresh your home and reduce clutter is to implement some clever storage solutions to tackle the problem head on.


Use space wisely

When space is in short supply in your kids’ rooms, it is important to maximise what space you do have by making full use of what is available. Space underneath the children’s beds can provide great extra storage. Place items in boxes or vacuum sealed bags to keep them dust free and in pristine condition.

Vertical space is often overlooked especially when it comes to bedrooms. Utilise as much wall space as possible by erecting shelves to store toys and books. This will keep your floor space clear and ensure that your children’s belongings are organised and well kept. Just be sure to put any shelves at a height that your child can easily reach.

Designated areas

It is a good idea to divide your child’s room up into designated areas for different activities, toys, and games. For example, mark out a reading area maybe with some book shelves on which to store their favourite bedtime reads. Similarly, keep all the dolls together in one storage box and place all board games into one cupboard. This way, any untidiness can be easily sorted, and children will be able tidy things away themselves into the correct place.

Storage solutions

Whatever your budget, be sure to invest in some stackable space-saving storage boxes. These can then be stacked, one on top of the other, again helping to keep the floor space free from junk. Another good idea is to us small sealable food or freezer bags to keep smaller items such as marbles and trading cards together in one place, and it will also prevent things getting lost.

Bunk beds

If you have two or more children sharing a room, bunk beds are an excellent option at bedtime, and the kids will love it. The only problem that you will have is resolving the arguments over who gets the top bunk!
Finally, your kids are never too young for chores so don’t be afraid to give them some responsibility for their own space in the form of a weekly cleaning rota. Learning that they have to take pride in their rooms and belongings will instill a sense of achievement as well as helping to develop maturity and self-confidence.

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