Bright Ideas for Your Living Room

Bright Ideas for Your Living Room

Your living room is a space where you can go to unwind at the end of a long day. It is also a room where you can get creative with the decoration and really add your own personal touches. So, here are 17 bright and simple decorative ideas for your living room.

  1.    Let there be Light

The living room is more relaxing if it has a light and airy feel to it, so move any bulky items of furniture away from the windows to encourage as much natural light in as possible.

  1.    Don’t Overdo the White

Though it is a nice idea to have white as a base colour, don’t overuse this. Instead, introduce a few different colours and textures to personalise the area.

  1.    Create a Reading Corner

Make a reading corner for yourself away from the main part of the living room with a nice cosy chair and an overhead lamp.

  1.    Change with the Seasons

You don’t have to give your room a complete makeover every season, but you can update it. During the winter months, you can bring in more heavy rugs and throws whereas in the summer you can bring in more fresh flowers and plants.

  1.    Personal Photos and Mementos

Make sure to dot plenty of personal photos and mementos around the place to make the room feel lived-in and cosy.

  1.    Bring in Houseplants

A few well-chosen houseplants can help to bring some life into the room and they also provide some great health benefits as well.

  1.    A Professional Eye

An experienced interior designer like you can find on can cast a professional eye on the space you have available. This is certainly an option that is always worth looking at.

  1.    Eclectic Touches

Rather than having everything matching and feeling like it is straight out of a catalogue, try adding one or two more unusual furniture items.

  1.    Choose a Focal Point

All well-designed living rooms have a focal point that people notice when they first walk in whether this is a big piece of art or beautiful view.

  1.   Bigger Items that Fit the Space

However much you love an item, there is no point bringing it in if it is too big and will overwhelm the space.

  1.   Boxes and Baskets

Swap your boring old shelves for more stylish options and then pile them up with boxes and baskets so there is no clutter in the room.

  1.   Statement Rug

If you have wooden flooring, contrast it with a big, bold rug that fills up the centre of the room.

  1.   Lighten Your Curtains

Rather than hanging heavy drapes, go for some light gauzy ones or blinds that let in more natural light.

  1.   Easy Access

Make sure everyone can move around the space easily by positioning furniture not too close together.

  1.   Match Your Frames

Choose frames that match each other and the space around – wooden options have a timeless and elegant feel.

  1.   A Sense of Symmetry

If you are the kind of person that likes order, choose some dual accents like coffee tables, lamps, pillows and frames.

  1.   Motifs of Outdoors

Natural items like branches, stones and sand in jars give off the feeling of being in a beach house.

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