Bright Ideas to Make Your Clothes Look Better

Bright Ideas to Make Your Clothes Look Better

If you can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, but you want your clothes to look a bit better, there are numerous things you can do to achieve a more polished, expensive look. Here are some of them:

Use a Garment Steamer

If you want your clothes to look better, invest in a garment steamer. Why? Because they are great at getting wrinkles and creases out of clothes without hurting the fabric as much as hot irons and dryers do. That means that you can always step out looking your best, and not have to replace your wardrobe nearly as often.

Visit a Tailor

If, like most people, the vast majority of clothes you buy are bought off the peg, then spend a few dollars extra getting them tailored. It won’t break the bank, but it will help your clothing to look better, and you to look better in your clothing by ensuring that they’re the perfect fit.

Follow the Instructions

This shouldn’t really need to be a bright idea, but since so many people completely ignore the care instructions on their clothing, it is worth being included. Whether it’s a pair of pants that shouldn’t be put in the drier or a coat that must be dry cleaned, do what the label says and not only will your clothes look better, but they’ll last a whole lot longer too.

Keep a Lint Roller on Hand

Whether you’re at home, the office or out for drinks, keep a lint roller nearby (in your bag is a great hiding place for it) so that you can take care of those little pieces of fluff, dog hair and general debris that can make even your best outfit look messy and worn out.

Invest in Timeless Pieces

It’s a lot easier for your clothes to look better when they are classic pieces that everyone recognises and which never go out of style. Think little black dresses, trench coats that cinch in at the waist, minimalist black heels, shift dresses and things like that. Basically, avoid trends that rarely look good on most people and become outdated quick, and you’ll always look classy.

Learn How to Sew

If you learn how to sew, then you can patch up any issues that arise with your clothing, such as split seams, and you can add your own little embellishments to make your wardrobe appear a bit different from the rest.

Take Care of Yourself

It doesn’t matter how expensive your clothes are, how well you’ve taken care of them or how good a fit they are if you look a mess. So, if you want to make your clothes look the best, they can be, make sure that you look your best. You don’t have to spend hours primping and preening yourself, but take the time to shower, fix your hair and look after your skin, and it will make a world of difference.

I hope this helps you to take better care of your wardrobe and ensure that, no matter what you’re wearing, you (and your clothes) always look great.

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