Bright Ideas to Make the Office More Productive

Bright Ideas to Make the Office More Productive

Working in an office can be drab and dreary, so it’s essential to make your office somewhere that you can work as productively as possible. Here are some bright ideas on how you can jazz up your working space, and in turn, work harder and more efficiently.


  • Neutral colors


Going for neutral colors throughout your office will ensure that nothing is going to distract you from the workload that you have. This will also create the illusion that you’re in a bigger room if your office space is small, reducing any claustrophobia.

Staying with neutral colors will make it easier to touch up any marks that may appear on the walls or paint over any patches where the sun has faded your walls around the furniture.

It’s also been proven that certain colors can promote moods and feelings which may distract you from your work. Keeping it plain will ensure that this problem doesn’t arise.


  • Windows


Not shutting out light as much as possible will ensure that the office appears light and airy, which is important to promote a good working atmosphere. Although, a problem that often arises from having your windows uncovered, is glare on your computer screen from the sunlight entering the room, or the heat from the sun on your desk making it unbearable to work.

A great solution to this problem, is to get glass tinting applied to the windows in your office. Not only will it reduce glare, but it will keep your office nice and cool, while still letting in as much light as possible.

Another bonus of having window tints is that your furniture and walls are no longer at risk of fading so quickly.


  • Plants


Having plants placed around the office has been known to promote productivity, reduce stress, absorb noise from the outside world, provides cleaner air to breathe, reduces dry skin, and many more benefits.

Reducing stress levels in the office is essential for ensuring that you work as productively as you can. This also applies if you’re in an office share, because often tension can build up between colleagues. Having plants around will reduce this happening and keep everyone happy.


  • Personalise


Even though we all know that going to work means that you’ve got to concentrate, personalising your desk will create a happier work space for you. Pin a picture of your children or loved ones next to your computer screen to remind you of what is waiting for you at home once you’ve finished your work.

Although, be careful not to decorate your desk so that it is distracting you from your work. Things like flowers and candles are a great idea because the scent of them will soothe and encourage you to work.


  • Airflow


Having a good airflow within your office is important. There is nothing worse than trying to work when you’re overly warm and the room is stuffy. Unfortunately, sometimes opening the windows or turning the heating on makes no difference, so consider installing an air conditioning unit to keep the air flow fresh and clean.

If an air conditioning unit is a little out of your price range, usb desk fans are available from most hardware stores for a very reasonable price. They sit on the desk in front of the computer and blow gentle air your way to keep you refreshed and more importantly, concentrating on your work.


  • Artwork


Although this is contradicting the advice to keep your walls plain from earlier, having cleverly chosen artwork for your office walls can lead to more productivity. It can also lower stress and increase well being, much alike what plants can do for your office.

As much as everyone wants their employees or colleagues to keep their head down and work, it’s almost impossible to do so. Everyone needs regular breaks, especially those that are working on a computer because staring at a screen can tire out your eyes and give you headaches. Having artwork displayed will give you something to look at and refresh your mind for a short time so that you can get back to doing the best work possible.


  • Comfort


Again, as much as being at work shouldn’t be a homely place where people can relax, it should be a space that you’re comfortable being in. Investing a little extra money into your office chair and back support will make all of the difference with how well you work.

The same goes for break areas. Have some chairs and a couch that you can sit back and relax for a short time. Breaks away from your computer and work give you the chance to collect your thoughts together so that you can work as efficiently as before.


  • Colleagues


Getting along with any colleagues you may have is essential for creating a good working atmosphere. If someone feels uncomfortable, they’re less likely to be working as well as normal. If any problems arise within the office, separate those people from the office and sort out the situation as soon as possible. Even the people that aren’t affected by the tension directly will feel the strain.

Having meet ups outside of work with your colleagues is a great way of keeping the bond between you strong. It has been proven that friends work together more efficiently than people that aren’t fond of eachother, so make your colleagues your friends as much as possible!



  • Planning boards


Having whiteboards, diaries, cork boards and other ways of organising easily accessible around the office will increase productivity because if someone comes up with an idea or a solution to a problem, they can immediately write it down to come back to when they have the time.

Staying organised within your office will obviously make sure that work is completed on time and that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. If you have this already, yet feel like your office still isn’t working well, it might be time to consider having another look at how you’re organising everything.

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