Bright Ideas Before you Sell Up

Bright Ideas Before you Sell Up

It may be time to downsize, get a bigger place, or relocate due to work or family. Whatever the reason you would like to sell your house, you will want to ensure you are getting the best deal. Here are 17 bright ideas that help to add value and appeal to your property to ensure the competition to buy is high, and the offers even higher.

Renovate The Kitchen

You may have found some inspiration on a site like or similar, and be comparing your dim kitchen to the fancy modern ones that make you want to cook just looking at them. Many buyers will make a final decision based on the kitchen, as it is such a staple room in the house – upgrading your kitchen could add a couple of thousand on to your asking price.

Spruce Up The Bathrooms

When buying a new home, many buyers will want to move into a finished house. Helping the bathrooms to look like new with new taps and re-doing the grouting will make a huge difference to your home’s appeal.

Convert Your Garage Into Living Space

If yours is a family home, having an extra living space for families to share and minimise rows over the remote will be extremely attractive to buyers.

Put A Summer House In The Garden

Having somewhere to read a book and enjoy the sun without the risk of sunburn is always a nice addition to any home.

Extend With A Conservatory

Having an extra space that is lovely in both the summer, and the rainy or snowy winter, where children can play and parents can have cheese and wine nights is a valuable addition to any home.

Paint The Walls Neutral

Everyone is going to want to put their own spin on the decoration of their home. Having walls that are easy to paint, rather than dark walls that are going to take many coats of paint to fully transform, is a lot more attractive to buyers.

Have Clear Surfaces

Many buyers like to imagine their own belongings in a home – having clear surfaces will make this easier, and even encouraged.

Pave Over The Front Garden For A Driveway

If parking is very limited around where you live, transforming the front garden may be the key to standing out against competitive houses.

Upgrade The Windows

If your double glazing has not been re-done in over ten years, then having the windows redone will actually add more value to your property than what it costs to have them redone.

Hang Mirrors In The Hallway

This will help any small hallway to appear brighter and bigger.

Extend Up

If you have space above your garage and have the means to add a few bedrooms to your house, it could add an extra $10,000 to your asking price.

Install More Storage: Use Ceiling Spaces

Try to utilize the height of every room so any buyers can see there are lots of space and storage solutions – especially if they have a big family.

Upgrade The Central Heating

Like the windows, an upgrade on the central heating can add value to the house, and be attractive to buyers. It means less to upgrade when they move in.

Get The Roof Evaluated

The buyers will have to have the roof evaluated anyway, however, it is good to reassure them when they are taking a look around that everything is in good standing order, and it puts your mind at ease too.

Rethink Your Layout

If you have furniture on all of the walls then it may be time to rethink your layout. Being able to see both wall space and floor space helps to make a room appear and feel bigger.

Modern Finishing Touches

Having modern throw cushions, rugs, and trinkets will help your home to appear with the times, chic, and well looked after.

Flowers And Homely Touches

The scent of fresh flowers, or fresh, home-baked cookies, helps a viewing to be extremely memorable. Yours will be the house that sticks in everyone’s mind.


There you have it, 17 bright ideas that will help you to put your house on the market at its best price.

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