Bright Ideas To Improve Bad Home Air Quality From The Inside

Bright Ideas To Improve Bad Home Air Quality From The Inside

Do you notice that you get out of breath faster than you used to? Have you noticed that your kids cough or get stuffy noses in the height of summer? If so, then it’s possible you’re dealing with terrible air quality at home.

Given that we eat, sleep, and breathe in our houses, the air they contain matters a fair amount. The chances are that you breathe this for longer than you do fresh air outside, after all. What’s more, lousy home air quality has been linked to issues such as asthma. It’s even thought that severe cases can impact lung development in children. You could say, then, that this is an issue which deserves your attention.

Of course, we all know that opening windows can help to keep air circulating. The chances are that you do it already. But, that alone apparently isn’t clearing the air enough. Instead, you might want to focus your efforts on what you do inside the home. Keep reading to find out how you can use your interiors to freshen that air, too.

Keep it clean

A cleaning session at home can leave you feeling great in itself. And, of course, it leaves your home looking fantastic. What you might not have considered is that keeping your home clean can work wonders for air quality. Dusty floors leave more dust spores in the air. You then breathe that dusty air. Is it any surprise that this takes its toll over time? This is easy to address. Just get into the habit of dusting on a daily basis, and either sweep or vacuum those floors before you settle down for an evening.

Invest in houseplants

Plants are the main thing which keeps the air outside our homes so fresh. Hence why you should consider investing in plants for your house. Even if you’ve never had lucky with these before, a quick read through a guide for your chosen plant is sure to see it living for a long time to come. Just like that, you’ll find that you can purify the air in any room no end. Bear in mind that, if you aren’t careful, plants can harbour mould and make air quality worse. Be sure, then, to clean you plant when you do the rest of the room to make sure you only get the benefits.

Introduce an air purifier

Perhaps your best bet of all would be to introduce an air purifier to the rooms you use most often. This is a small unit which literally removes contaminants from the air in a room. Even if you left the cleaning for a day or two, something like this would ensure you didn’t feel any adverse effects. Even if your houseplant does fall foul to mould, it won’t make a jot of difference if you have one of these tucked in the corner. You’ll soon find that the air in your home is as fresh as that outside when your purifier works its magic.


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