Bright Ideas to Secure A New Home

Bright Ideas to Secure A New Home

If you’ve recently moved into a new rental or you’re going to be living in an Airbnb for a couple of days, then it’s important to get to know your surroundings and ensure that your entire place is secured. In this article, we’re going to talk about a couple of ways to ensure that your new place is as secure as possible.

1. Make sure the doors are secure

Every home should have secured locks that just work. If you can jig the door a little and the latch becomes loose or the door itself seems structurally weak, then it’s a good idea to speak to the landlord and have it repaired or at least examined. If you’ve bought a home and there’s no landlord to speak to, then make sure you contact a contractor as soon as possible to get it fixed or solve the issue before you move in. If you’ve just moved into a home that you now own, then changing the locks could be a viable option to ensure that there’s no one else that has the keys to your property.

2. Ensure there is CCTV

While installing CCTV may seem like a luxury, it’s actually a massively important aspect that you absolutely have to consider when it comes to securing a new home. This is especially important if the home itself is relatively old and has only recently been occupied by you. In addition, it’s vital that you have some form of CCTV outside the home so that if it’s a rental, you have proof if something ever happens. CCTV may be provided for you if this is the case, but installing a cheap camera system can also be a good alternative.

3. Check all potential points of entry

Make sure that every point of entry into the home is secure or protected. For example, if the rental has a garage then make sure there are no signs of tampering so that there’s less risk of someone breaking into your home through a weak entrance. You should also ensure that any gates around the perimeter of your home can be locked and that there are no windows that cannot be locked. By securing every potential entry point, you’ll be able to secure your home and keep it safe from intruders.

4. Secure your WiFi network

This is especially important if you’ve got smart home devices such as lights and heating that are controlled through the internet or with a mobile app. If an intruder gains access to your WiFi network then it’s possible for them to control certain appliances such as lights. However, if you have smart home devices connected to things such as your locks or doors, then there is a possibility that they could break into your house by accessing your WiFi connection. Make sure you lock down your WiFi network by ensuring you have a secure password, that you use the latest encryption methods available on your internet router and hide the name of your network so that it’s not obvious that it belongs to you.

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