Bright Ideas to Update your Kitchen

Bright Ideas to Update your Kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a bit tired or dated? Maybe it’s time for a revamp. Take a look at these 17 bright ideas you can do to revamp your kitchen with options suitable for all budgets!

Do some re-arranging (if you can!). Change the layout of your kitchen and find ways to open it up and bring more light in, you might even find that you create more space to bring in additional appliances that you’ve had your eye on.

Painting the walls is an excellent way to give your kitchen a refresh without spending a fortune. Get some color inspiration and get painting!

Invest in a new dinner set. This will not only give your dining table a new look but will be an excellent excuse to have some friends over for dinner.

Re-tile your floor. Floors can get dirty and dreary easily, and there are plenty of great options to choose from that are both easy to fit and affordable.

Browse contemporary kitchen designs for inspiration. You never know what ideas you might find for big or small kitchen renovation projects.

Tidy away the clutter. Make sure that everything in your kitchen has a proper place to keep it looking neat and organized. Storage baskets are particularly popular at the moment as a way to hide away all of your kitchen clutter.

Add some shelves to create additional storage space. You may even be able to create a cool wall feature or a coffee corner to save some space on your counters.

Play with lighting. Changing the lighting around your kitchen can change the way it looks and feels. Why not add some spotlights or hang a cool pendant light to change the ambiance of your kitchen?

Invest in new appliances. If your old appliances are looking a bit tattered and old, trading them in for newer models could give your kitchen a modern look without a complete revamp.

Paint your cabinets. Cabinets are prone to all sorts of spills and stains – give them a fresh coat of paint or try a new color to give them a new lease of life.

Add new worktops. If your kitchen counters have chips in them or have lost that glossy look – try adding a new counter top instead. You can get cheap countertops easily from Ikea and other retailers that won’t cost the earth to make the change.

Give it a good clean! Sometimes all a kitchen needs for a refresh is a deep clean and plenty of elbow grease. Get scrubbing those floors and learn how to keep your floors looking better for longer. It’s easier than you think!

Book an oven clean. A professional oven clean will help give your oven a good-as-new look and will make the rest of your kitchen feel cleaner and newer as a result.

Add some new kitchen accessories. Switching out your apron, tea towels and storage containers for new colors and styles is an affordable upgrade you can do instantly.

Get some wall art. Wall art can create a unique kitchen that’s tailored to your personality, and you’ll find plenty of options available in home stores and online.

Add some seating. Seating is great for making a kitchen feel more homely and will invite more people into it.

Consider a complete kitchen renovation. If you’ve always wanted your dream kitchen, why not go for it? Start making some plans!

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