Bringing the Heat: How are Infrared BBQs Different?

Bringing the Heat: How are Infrared BBQs Different?

BBQ’s are ingrained in the traditions of so many families. Birthdays, celebrations, national holidays or even just an afternoon spent out in the sun are made special with the sizzle of a BBQ. Whether you enjoy it for the theatre of grilling, the alternative to frying, or just being outdoors and huddling around the BBQ sharing stories and laughs, the love of this activity hasn’t changed. What has changed is the hardware, with infrared BBQ’s quickly making their way into the backyards of homes all over the world. If you’re unsure what an infrared BBQ is and how it’s different to the BBQ’s you might be more familiar with, let’s take a look.

Even, consistent heat

Does one side of your BBQ perform better? Or perhaps you have a couple of random patches that receive considerably more heat, unevenly cooking your meat and making it impossible to gauge when it is the right time to flip and serve. Sounding familiar? An infrared BBQ will provide an even heat that will be one exact temperature on every inch of the grilling plate, without flare-ups or hotter spots, just a consistent grill. This is just one of the CROSSRAY BBQ benefits you can expect when you choose an infrared BBQ. Stand behind your evenly-cooked, juicy cuts with an infrared BBQ that will get it right every time you fire it up.

Best of both worlds

The ultimate conundrum is charcoal or gas, with both options offering advantages in their own right. Whichever side of the argument you find yourself on, an infrared BBQ is the third, superior option. Offering the quality of charcoal with the convenience and control of a gas BBQ, an infrared BBQ puts you in the driver’s seat controlling the heat, while not relying on the unpredictability and hassle of charcoal grilling. The even heating was inspired by charcoal grilling, instead using innovative technology to enhance the mechanics.

Quick heating

It’s a scenario you have witnessed many times over. Everyone is content milling around outside and not yet ready for lunch, but suddenly your guests are hungry. And so begins the wait for the BBQ to heat up and be ready to cook lunch or dinner. Whether it’s beef, chicken, lamb or vegetables – you can’t rush your grilling times. An infrared BBQ, however, is fast heating, and ready to receive your meat and vegetables by the time you come back from the kitchen with them. Be better equipped to cater to your guests, with a grill that will jump into action when it needs to.

Open up the menu with multi-purpose options

The diets and BBQ tastes of all of us are changing, and so you need a BBQ that will be equally as adaptable. An infrared BBQ opens up the menu to more than just steak and sausages, cooking your pizza, vegetables and many more dishes to perfection. Oh, did we mention that smoking is an option? If it’s time to upgrade your BBQ model, choose something that will offer more than what you have previously been able to cook and start dazzling your guests with the juicy delights that are all too easy to create.

An infrared BBQ offers a modern twist on a classic, while still retaining the fun of BBQ’ing! If you’re one to keep your kitchen hardware and utensils to a high standard, your BBQ also deserves a review and an upgrade. Expect a little more from your BBQ and upgrade to an infrared option so that you can fire it up more often, relying on the speed and quality of a great grill every time.

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