17 Budget Home Repair Tips
Try these budget home repair tips

17 Budget Home Repair Tips

Looking for some budget home repair tips? Accidents happen, and things sometimes get broken as a result. However, sometimes to cost of calling someone else to repair it is a little outrageous, especially when there are a few things you can fix yourself for a fraction of the expense. Granted, there ARE some things that you should never attempt to fix by yourself, but there are a few things around the house that don’t require any special training or expertise to sort out. Save some money and keep your home in good condition with these budget home repair tips.

Unblock the sink – Don’t use a chemical unblocker; they are abrasive and can damage your skin. Instead, use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to try and unblock your sink. The two ingredients react together to push the blockage out. If this doesn’t work, you can use a plunger, which won’t do any damage to your drains, and often immediately clears the blockage. It just requires a bit of elbow grease and patience.

Unblock the toilet – Filling the bowl with a large bucket of water adds pressure to the system and is often enough to dislodge the blockage. If this doesn’t work, a good plunger and some elbow grease will also get the job done, and the plunger costs less than a tenth of a plumber’s fee.

Light switches – First, make sure the circuit breaker is turned off. Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the faceplate covering the switch, then use a voltage tester to make doubly sure the circuit is not active. Next, use a phillips head screwdriver to pull the switch off the wall. You will see two wires still attached to the switch. Disconnect the wires, one at a time, and attach them to the corresponding location on the new switch.

Small holes in drywall – Use a putty knife to press some spackle into the wall and let it dry. Once it’s done, sand it down with fine grain sandpaper until it’s nice and flat. Finish by applying a coat of paint. Perfect budget home repair tips for anyone with kids.

Leaky faucets – Don’t leave this job until the last minute, because those wasted drops of water add up to your bill. Not to mention, this job is so easy to do by yourself, and there are so many guides to fixing a leaking faucet online, that waiting to do it just makes no sense.

Leaky washing machine – Washing machine floods are sometimes caused by a small crack in the rubber. Replacements are easy to find at the hardware store. Turn off your water supply, unscrew the old hose, then screw in the new one and tighten it with a wrench.

Squeaky doors – In humid weather, wooden doors can swell if there isn’t enough room to accommodate expansion between the door and the frame. If you have a wooden front door, it needs to be regularly checked for cracks, environmental moisture, and intense sunlight, which will cause the finish to fade. It won’t be as simple as other home repairs, but you should also be able to fix any of these door issues yourself.

Broken tiles – Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, broken tiles aren’t nice to look at, and you risk cutting yourself if it’s sharp. Break the tile off its surface as soon as it starts to chip, then put in a new tile with liquid adhesive, and finish by applying fresh grout around the edges.

Broken windows – This home repair might take a steady hand, attention to detail, and some practice, but there is no reason why you can’t safely replace your broken window panes if you really want to do budget home repair tips. When attempting glass repairs make sure you wear safety goggles and thick gloves. Also make sure you follow some careful and detailed instructions so you don’t make any costly mistakes.

Sagging bookshelves – Bookworms know the unique sadness when their bookshelves can no longer support their growing collection. To prolong the life of these shelves, you need to reinforce it before it collapses.

Scratches on wood – Children and pets all leave their mark on wooden furniture eventually. Fortunately, most hardware stores sell a number of scratch fillers that look like brown pencils or crayons. Find the shade that most closely matches your cabinet and rub it into the scratch. Great idea for budget home repair tips.

Painting – Whether it’s to cover up a stain that won’t wash away, or it’s time to freshen up the room, make sure you’re using the right kind of paint. If you’re painting the kitchen, you should use a semi-gloss or satin finish, so that the paint can handle the onslaught of grease, water, and soap. The shinier your paint, the easier it will be to clean. This is the easiest budget home repair tip.

Peeling wallpaper – Wallpaper is not immune to the effects of time. When it starts to peel, take a knife and smear wallpaper paste onto a piece of paper. Rub the paper against the underside of the peeling section. Press the wallpaper against the wall. Slide the writing paper out and smooth away bubbles with a clean cloth.

Applying caulk – Silicone caulk prevents water and moisture from seeping into joints in the bathroom, but it can wash away after a while. Learn how to apply it yourself so you don’t have to rely on a professional.

Leaking roof – There are many different causes for roof leaks, so it’s best to determine which one it is first. Some, like broken shingles, can be fixed yourself. If the asphalt is involved, then you should call a professional. Remember to have someone holding the ladder when you venture up there.

Exterior maintenance – The next time you go to clean out your gutters, try these 17 ideas to improve the outside of your house; there’s no sense in making the interiors look like they’ve jumped off a magazine cover, then neglecting the part of your house most people see.

The Magic of WD-40 – It’s amazing how many things can be repaired with WD-40. You can lubricate stuck windows, silence squeaky doors, and even use it to remove crayon marks from walls!

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