Cake Smash Tips for Baby’s 1st Birthday

Cake Smash Tips for Baby’s 1st Birthday

Have you heard about Cake Smash (or Smash Cake)? In doing some research for kids birthdays I came across this new trend for 1 year old birthday parties. You get your cute little one year old and place a beautifully decorated cake in front of them and then wait for them to ‘smash’ it up. Other parents have even gone a step further and had a Cake Smash photo session. The pics are priceless.

Click here to check out these ‘too cute’ Cake Smash pics so you get the idea via the USA Today Show.

I thought it might be a great idea to give you some bright ideas on how to get ready for a Cake Smash session:

#1 Cake Smash Tip – Prepare the area.

  • Things are likely to get messy. You may want to do the whole thing outside or on an easy to wash floor. If you have carpet, get yourself some plastic and spread it out under your bubs highchair in a fairly wide radius. Don’t forget to think about walls as well.
  • Think also about what you are going to dress your little hub in. That Burbury outfit you purchases will look great for the photo shoot but are you prepared to only get one wear out of it? You might want to consider a cute bib or remove their top and add some accessories like pretty beads or ribbons and leave them in a nappy. (Just keep your eye on them if you add accessories around their neck!)
  • It might also be a great idea to get any family and friends watching to stand back or be prepared for a mess, especially if your little 1 year old loves to throw things.
  • You might also consider decorating the background with some balloons or bunting to set the scene and make the pictures look fun and memorable.

#2 Cake Smash Tip – Pick the right cake.

  • Firstly, pick a cake that isn’t too big, especially if you are planning to put it onto a high chair.
  • You’ll want a nice, soft cake too. Royal Icing (Fondant) will be too hard so try fresh cream or super soft icing on a sponge base. Why not pick up a sponge base from Coles or Woolies and add your own decorations.
  • Think about colours too. Try and avoid too much food colouring in the cake or in the icing. You don’t want baby to have blue hands for a week after you’ve watched them cake smash their Smurf cake. Think about what colours will work with your decorations and what colours will ‘pop’ in a photo. Also remember that baby is the main part of the photo so don’t go overboard on the cake.

# 3 Cake Smash Tip – Choose a good time for baby (not your guests).

  • When planning any birthday party or photo shoot for a baby, not just a Cake Smash occasion, you need to consider what is the best time for your 1 year old. If they have their best sleep in the afternoon, try the Cake Smash in the morning. Have your guests and photographer work around you.
  • Don’t make the party or photo shoot too long. Babies do things best in short spurts. Make the Cake Smash about 1 to 1 1/2. Your guest should understand.

#4 Cake Smash Tip – Be ready and prepared to wait!

  • Babies are unpredictable and hard to schedule, as I am sure you know, so don’t expect things to happen when YOU want them to. Set everything up, get the cameras rolling. If nothing happens, take the cake away, give baby a break, then come back in 30 mins.
  • If you have other kids around who are not good at waiting, think about giving them a game or task to do while you are watching the Cake Smash. You want to be able to watch all the fun without being distracted.

#5 Cake Smash Tip – Enjoy the moment.

  • Once you have set the scene, stand back and enjoy the moment. Hopefully your 1 year old will love their cake and you’ll get lots of lovely photos to remember the day but don’t rely on them to remember the moment so stand back and have fun.

If you’ve had a Cake Smash for your baby, let us know. We’d love to see the cute photos and know what worked for you.

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